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1. Introduction

SAP Business ByDesign has integrated Google Search to retrieve search results from Google. Currently, the search in the system works with the internal resources such as Learning Center, Knowledge Base Articles and Community. By integrating Google Search, the plan is to broaden the horizon of searching and using the well-known searching techniques of Google.

2. How to enable Google Search Integration?

You must create your own custom search engine and provide the required details in the Mashup Web Services.

2.a Creating Custom Search Engine

You must follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial from Google to create a Custom Search Project. Note the name of the search project that you have created with the help of the tutorial. You must ensure that you have:

i. Entered "SAP Business ByDesign" as the search engine keywords. This is used to fine-tune the search results. Kindly use this with double quotation marks. Google treats this as one word and search results are more refined. You can also add additional keywords. For example: When you search for a term ‘Buyer Responsible Missing’, Google searches the term in context of SAP Business ByDesign.

ii. Add the following sites to search:

iii. Ensure that you have selected the option Include all pages whose address contains this URL. This takes care of other pages associated with the sites maintained in the custom search engine.

iv. Update and make a note of the search engine ID.

2.b Getting the API Key

Once the custom search engine project is created, you must create the API key using the instructions provided on the page. Search for the terms GET A KEY on the given web page. You must select the project that you have enabled as a part of your custom search engine. Make a note of the generated API Key.

2.c Maintain the API key

i. Open the Mashup Web Service view in Business Flexibility under Application and User Management work center.

ii. You can find a new service with ID SW00044.

iii. Click Enter API Keys to maintain the API key.

iv. Maintain the custom Search engine ID.

Once the configuration is complete, the service gets activated. You can use Google Search Integration.

3. Payment

Currently, Google provides 100 search queries per day for free. If you need more, you can sign up for billing in the Google API Console. Additional requests cost $5 per 1000 queries, for up to 10,000 queries per day. These are subject to change and you can refer to this page for more details.

4. Use of Google Search

Google Search is integrated with the Help Center and Solution Search. In the Help Center, you can either type in the search text or click the question mark icon present next to an error or a warning message. You can use the solution search by clicking Edit from Incidents view in Application and User Management work center. Based on the input text, Google Search is triggered as per your settings maintained in the custom search engine and gets the required result. This does not replace other internal help repositories such as Learning center, communities and knowledge based articles. Google Search is an additional repository. You can also trigger the solution search from the Help Center by clicking Solve Problem or Report Incident.

Help Center

Solution Search

You can also trigger the solution search from the Help Center by clicking Solve Problem or Report Incident.

Note: The results retrieved from Google cannot be added to the solution collection.

5. Demo

You can also watch a short demo here.

6. Conclusion

  1. With this integration, you can avoid the need to switch to a different application(e.g., browser) to do a web search. You can now see the search results in place within the ByDesign application.

  2. You can maintain other websites which contains help related to Business ByDesign, which would further improve the chances to find a solution on your own.

  3. You will be able to reduce the resolution time in case the help is available through search.