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Have you ever been under time pressure and needed to find something in your enterprise system very quickly? It can be very frustrating if simple tasks take more time and energy that they actually should.

Let’s take a look at a concrete example: you have a big customer event, you prepared all the details but somehow you missed that you require five whiteboard for interactive sessions, and you only have two. The event starts tomorrow and you are already on-site to prepare the last details.

How can you get three more whiteboard in-time? You could delegate the task, but since you need the whiteboards by tomorrow you want to get it done by yourself. You know exactly what you need, but you have no knowledge about the material number, the right supplier, the existence of any purchase contracts, etc. Can you still achieve your goal? With the power of SAP HANA and the user experience of SAP Fiori, yes!

The entry point is very simple: just open the Fiori Launchpad and type “whiteboard” in the search field.

The system will display a list of the most relevant results, across all search-enabled business objects in your enterprise system. Next to each result the document type (e.g. material, supplier, purchase order etc.) and some attributes are displayed, hence picking the right one is an easy task. Furthermore, the results are personalized (e.g. documents you access more often are ranked higher) and localized (e.g. suppliers closer to your location are ranked higher). This is Fiori Search powered by SAP HANA!

Now that you have identified the right material you can just click on it and have access to all the relevant information. And it’s not only basic information, like material master data. On the same screen you can see all the documents associated to your material: suppliers, purchase contracts, purchase orders, etc. This is one example of a Fiori Fact Sheet - you have all the relevant information in one place.

Each business object in the material factsheet contains a link to its own fact sheet. By clicking on a supplier you can go to the supplier’s fact sheet, where you can check the address, thus making sure you pick the one closest to you location.

And it’s not only about insight, you can also take action. Each fact sheet has actions associated with it, depending on the document type. In our case we can trigger the creation of a new purchase order directly from the supplier factsheet. You are no longer required to memorize transaction codes.

Do you want to make sure your whiteboards arrive in time? On the same fact sheet you can find the responsible persons and their contact data. It’s that simple!


Armed only with the name of the material you managed to create a new purchase order with only few clicks. Finding the right information and taking action on it is as simple as it should be with Fiori Search and Fiori Fact Sheets!

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