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Of late, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of customers, partners and internal SAP colleagues on the topic of SAP Intelligent RPA. Automation is a key element which when combined with other intelligent technologies like Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Situations Handling etc. makes end-to-end processes intelligent. Given the current social, economical & business challenges posed by COVID-19 it is imperative that enterprises seriously explore the possibilities of automation to help navigate at least few of the current challenges.

Have tried to summarize the crux of SAP Intelligent RPA in the following 10 points:

  1. Changing Trends: Greater focus on software bots than hardware bots as in the past

  2. COVID-19 Challenges: Social distancing & remote work demand more automation

  3. Typical criteria for automation: Processes which are manual, repetitive, high volume, involving multiple systems & no native APIs for integration

  4. SAP Intelligent RPA: SAP’s solution for robotic process automation which is capable of having attended as well as unattended (scheduled) bots

  5. Integration: Possible to connect with SAP as well as non-SAP systems

  6. 3 components: Cloud Factory (orchestration & monitoring), Desktop Agent (bot execution), Desktop Studio (bot design)

  7. Ease of Consumption: 50-60+ standard pre-delivered best practice content for SAP S/4HANA. Monthly release cycle of bots (à innovation++)

  8. Call to Action: 90-day free trial of SAP Intelligent RPA for all SAP customers

  9. Fast & Quick: Entire installation & cloud factory setup can get completed very quickly. Standard bot deployment is also very quick as most of the content is pre-delivered. We are talking in terms of hours & days here and not months.

  10. Hand-holding support: SAP Regional PSCC team to provide guidance if required

In addition we offer a lot of learning content via SAP Community, Blogs, Webinars and Open SAP courses. Would be happy to engage in further discussions if you have any questions or want to know more about this topic.