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Digital assistants are flooding everywhere: on your mobile, on your car and in your house. You can wake-up with Alexa, tell Siri to call your doctor (and maybe a Google Duplex will book your appointment) and whilst in the car with a “Hi Mercedes”, you ask the best route to work. When you arrive at work and login to your intelligent S/4HANA Cloud system you have a digital assistant too which recognizes voice commands: CoPilot. In this article we will start with the basics.


Getting started
Starting from the beginning, we start at the dinner table. Joy for everybody as we kickstart with pizzas so let’s see how MOD Pizza is already using built-in CoPilot functionalities with SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


SAP CoPilot chat
Users spend countless time writing emails, referring to specific sales orders, outdated system graphs or other objects created in the system. Such precious time can now be saved, as you are already able to share live system locations within the system itself. Take a look into below use cases:


Use case 1: System objects one click away
Example 1a:
You require input from the Asset Manager to understand why a specific Asset was purchased. How to use In app chat to streamline collaboration and save time by enabling the sharing of real objects in the system, one click away?

Example 1b:
You require the collaboration of a coworker for Dual Control in Bank Account Management. How to use In app chat so the user accesses directly to the needed Bank Account?


Use case 2: Request action from another user
Example 2a
You require the input from a specialist to justify outstanding variations whilst doing group reporting.

How can you leverage sharing objects via In app chat to smoothen communications

Example 2b:
Request collaboration from an authorized user to perform key actions in the system


Use case 3: Collect live screenshots & system objects for a stakeholder review
Example 3a
Collect data for a supplier review, leveraging in app object-reference and in app interactive screenshots



SAP CoPilot for incident reporting

SAP CoPilot can also be used to report incidents to SAP without leaving the system. It provides the following advantages for incident creation:

  • You don’t need to go through the steps in One Support Launchpad;

  • You report incidents from the system itself;

  • You can leverage the In App Chat to validate the error, users are facing;

  • The system determines automatically the incident component;

  • You can attach a screenshot without the need to upload a document

For existing voice commands in your CoPilot you can type help on it and check also the S/4HANA Cloud roadmap for this year.