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Product and Topic Expert

In this blog post you will find an overview with relevant resources about how to get certified as SAP Certified Associate - SAP Activate Project Manager.

The certification is available since 2016.

There are currently, time of writing, close to 10,000 certified associate SAP Activate Project Managers.

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Once you passed the exam, you will receive a digital badge from Credly.

There are currently, time of writing, close to 10,000 certified associate SAP Activate Project Managers (excluding the 2016 edition and public cloud).

For today's count, see the Credly Directory.

Note that one needs to explicitly grant Credly the right to display your SAP certification on the platform. In other words, the total count could be (slightly) higher.

About the Exam 

Quote/unquote: The "SAP Certified Associate - SAP Activate Project Manager" certification exam verifies that the candidate has the knowledge required in the area of SAP project management. This certificate builds on basic consultant skills and experience that is then refined by practical experience during several projects. This exam validates whether SAP focused project managers have advanced business skills and the ability to apply methodologies and tools.

Information about the exam is published on the SAP Training website. This is also where you can book the exam (or get a Certification Hub subscription), and access the sample questions.


You can check the validity of the certifications at training.sap.com/certification/validity.

Previous versions of this certification are

For the certification FAQs, see

SAP Certification Hub

To take the exam visit SAP Training and select Access the Certification Hub

The hub is hosted by Questionmark. Here you can book your exam, (re-)schedule, check your appointments, and launch the exam.

For the complete exam list, see

The list of valid exams on the Questionmark website corresponds to the list of valid exams on the SAP Training portal.

However, certifications about to expire are only listed on the SAP Training portal, so you might want to check the future status of the certifcation first.

Associates and Specialists

There is a related certification for SAP S/4HANA public cloud.

In addition, there are also three specialisation certifications, which you can take once you are certified as associate (recommendation, not requirement).

There is some logic to the SAP exam codes, although it is not always consistently implemented.

  • C = consultant, i.e associate level type exam

  • E = expert, i.e level type exam (add-on to C level)

  • ACT and ACTIVATE for Activate Project Manager

  • S4C corresponds to S/4HANA Cloud

    • EX for Extended Edition

    • PE for Private Edition

  • CLD for Cloud

  • YY and YYYY represent the year

About the editions, see

About the Cloud Specialist certification, see

Topic Areas

Exam Page

Information about the topic areas covered is listed on the exam page with the corresponding SAP training cours.

For SAP Activate this concerns course ACT100 for most topics, and ACT200 for the Agile project ones (see below).

The SAP S/4HANA edition, 1809 time of writing, is updated regularly.

Note the small print: "SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time" make sure to check the exam page before applying.

Sample Questions

On the exam page, there is a link to a trial exam with sample questions which closely resembles the real exam experience.

If it is obvious what the answer should be for all questions, you might be ready to take the exam. If you have no clue, you might want to study some more.

How to Prepare

Embark on a Journey

The questions on the exam are sourced from the referenced SAP trainings. That's what you need to know. It is not a prerequisites to sign up for the exam.

For some guidance, you can take the Learning Journey mapped out on the SAP Help Portal. The courses are referenced in the Become competent section but the journey also includes some additional content, beyond the scope of the exam, in the sections Start with an overview and Expand your skills, some of which freely available like openSAP courses or documentation references (depending on the journey). You can logon and mark your progress.

For a learning journey travel guide, see

Note that there are learning journeys as well for the related and add-on certifications, e.g.

Go to Your Class

To access the course ware you need a SAP Learning Hub subscription and enroll in the SAP Activate Learning Room.

The courses are available as e-learnings and e-books (and old-skool class format for some regions).

The e-book course shows displays the course manual. The e-learning shows the same material in a more easily disgestible format (depending on your preference).


The learning journeys also includes several openSAP courses, sections Start with an overview and Expand your skills.

The introduction is a mini-course that can be watched in one go (4-5 hours).

Note that the Repeat course is an update (2021) from an earlier edition (2020). Time of writing the learning journey sitll points to the older version.



SAP PRESS has published a Certification Success Guide for SAP Activate, covering all the topics in depth and with a plethora of practice questions.

You can browse the contents of the book and download a free sample chapter on the SAP PRESS website.

In addition, SAP PRESS has also published the quote/unquote go-to guide for your SAP S/4HANA implementation project.

  • SAP Activate by sven.denecken, jan.musil, and srivatsan.santhanam (2020)

You can browse the contents of the book and download a free sample chapter on the SAP PRESS website.

Additional Resources

SAP Community

To stay up to date, a regular visit to the SAP Activate topic area on the SAP Community for the latest blog posts, Q&A, and other community content is highly recommended.

Here you can find a curated list of get started material plus featured content highlighting the latest news, e.g.

In the blogosphere of the community we also find travelogues about the certification journey.

Or other interesting articles on the topic

Recommended reading!

You can follow the tag for blog post and/or questions area for notifications.

Consider also to follow authors active on the topic area, to name but a few

  • faisal.iqbal

  • jocelyn.dart

  • jan.musil

  • sven.denecken


In addition the official SAP sources, you'll also find plenty unofficial sources of information. One example is the Udemy platform, where anyone can upload courses without much, if any, quality check at the gate. There is often a sale going on, resulting in very attractively priced courses. Fly-by-night operators (typically anonymous) aside, some of the courses attract a high number of students and receive good reviews.

Before purchase make sure the content does not infringe with SAP's exam policy, as this may have consequences for your certification status. See Can I access exam questions in advance by buying them from a company or through a ‘brain dump’? and Can I share my exam questions?

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Over the years, for the SAP HANA Academy, SAP’s Partner Innovation Lab, and à titre personnel, I have written a little over 300 posts here for the SAP Community. Some articles only reached a few readers. Others attracted quite a few more.For your reading pleasure and convenience, here is a curated list of posts which somehow managed to pass the 10k-view mile stone and, as sign of current interest, still tickle the counters each month.