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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Game on! We are excited to announce gamification functionality in the Community and can’t wait to see who will lead the way. Your contributions are what makes the Community a valuable experience and our Community gamification will motivate, recognize and reward interactions. Users will earn points for activities such as logins, page views, posts, and replies (full list of points and activities). Your points will earn you a status level in the Community and badges will be rewarded for missions.

Member – 0 Points (All users start at Member Status Level)

Established Member – 500 Points

Contributor – 1550 Points

Valued Contributor – 3,050 Points

Advisor – 3,000 Points

It’s no secret! Check out the danielle.beeken#reputation. Following are a few examples of activities that you can earn points for to work towards increasing your status level in the Community:

- Community logins

- Page Views

- Ask Questions

- Reply to a Question

- Update Profile Picture

- Like a post

- Accept a Best Answer on a post

In this current phase, a Mission is the collection of specific behaviors that must be completed. A Badge is then awarded once you complete the Mission.

Achievements, also known as Badges and Missions in the Community, can be earned by performing specific activities a set number of times. Check out all the Missions to complete and Badges you can earn here.

On your profile under your profile picture click on overview and you can view a full list of your activities.

How can I tell how many points I need to get to the next level?

What are the program phases?

What is the leaderboard?

How do I earn a spot on the leaderboard?



If you have any questions or want more information please send us an email.

What is Gamification?
Who doesn’t love to a game? Gamification creates engagement in the Community, accelerates onboarding, recognizes and rewards participation, and highlights users’ expertise. All this leads to an increase in quality of content, motivated users, an enhanced user experience, and more fun!
How do I earn points?
Points are awarded for doing activities in the Community. You can earn points for logins, viewing documents, asking a question, answering a question, liking a post, marking a reply as best answer. See a full list of danielle.beeken#reputation
Who can earn points?
All Community users can earn points. Join the crowd, get competitive and start earning points today. The more points you earn the more knowledgeable and successful you can be.
What are Community Status Levels?
Community Status Levels are achieved with a set number of points. All Community users will start off at level 1 – Member. Levels allow users to know your contributions to the Community and establish your status level or rank based on your participation and engagement in the Community. The more Community activity you have, the more points you earn, higher status level achieved and bragging rights with your peers and colleagues. See a full list of Status Levels and points.
How many points do I need to get to my next status level?
Where can I see my status level?
Users can view points and Status Level on their profile. Your profile has your Status Level, number of points to your next level and links to information about how to earn points, number of points needed for each rank, badges you have earned and all available badges.
How can I get a higher status level?
What is a Mission?
How can I earn Badges?
Where can I see my Achievements, Missions to be completed and Badges earned?
On your profile under your profile picture on the left-hand side you will see “achievements” when you click on achievements it will show you all badges you have earned and a description of what the badge is for.
How will I know when I earn points?
Congratulations! You can track your points on your profile page. Click overview to see the specific activities you earned points for and achievements to see badges earned.
How do I know what I earned points for?
Each activity and frequency of activities is worth a set number of points. See the full list of danielle.beeken#reputation. There is also a status bar on your profile page that shows how many points you have and how many you need to earn your next rank.
Phase 1 of our gamification is delivered with the 1811 release. Gamification is a new integration for the S/4HANA Cloud Community. We will continue to optimize the program and release new rewards, features and functionality throughout the lifetime of the program. We are already working on additional features for the 1902 release.
The leaderboard will be on the Community homepage and will keep a running list of our top Community contributors based on points earned. Community participation creates valuable community content and keeps the Community engaging. Contributors will be recognized and rewarded for their activity by earning a spot on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is located on the Community homepage bottom right.
We like your competitive spirit! The users with the most Community activity, earned the most points will be recognized on the Leaderboard. The top 10 users will show up on the Leaderboard on the Community homepage. The leaderboard will be automatically refreshed as users earn points. if you don’t make the top 10, the leaderboard still calls out your current position (if you are within the top 10,000). Make sure to upload your profile picture so we can see you on the Leaderboard!
This is a new program and integration for our Community. We will continue to develop adding functionality, activities and missions. The Community, recognition and rewards are all about YOU so please share your feedback.

List of all current Missions and activities to earn badges.


Eligible Behaviors



Read a blog
Read a document
Read a wiki
View a video

Perform ANY of the eligible behaviors up 5o times, i.e. it doesn't matter if you view a blog, document, video or wiki.


Comment on a blog
Comment on a document
Comment on a wiki

Perform ANY of the eligible behaviors up 15 times.


Create a question

Perform ANY of the eligible behaviors up 15 times.


Like a blog
Like a document
Like a wiki

Perform ANY of the eligible behaviors up 15 times.


Create a discussion

Perform the behavior up 15 times.

In the Know

Opt-in to the Newsletter

Perform the behavior 1 time. It will take 1-2 weeks for this reward to appear in your Achievements profile.


Upload a profile photo

Upload profile photo 1 time.

Frequent Visitor

Read a blog
Read a document
Read a wiki
View a video

Perform ANY of the eligible behaviors at least 3 times per week. This badge can be re-earned every week for an additional 10 bonus points weekly.

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