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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP provides you direct access to real-time support channels Support Assistant and Expert Chat, which may be able to instantly answer your questions, even without the need to create a support case. For this, you only need to have a S User, which allows you to access these support services from our Support Portal “SAP For Me” (me.sap.com) 

Your Benefits in further detail: 

  • Support Assistant allows you to narrow down on your topic at hand, providing you with the assets, which answer most of the questions our customers bring to us. We have seen that a considerable fraction of customer questions can be instantly answered via this channel, without the need of a support case. 

  • Expert Chat allows you to start a chat session with one of our Support Experts ad hoc. For simple questions, you can directly receive tailored guidance to your questions. 

  • You can also book an appointment with a Support Expert by using our offering “Schedule an Expert”. In this session, the topic you mentioned during booking the session will be discussed. 

* Note: SAP replaces the former Support Portal “One Support Launchpad” with ”SAP For Me” on April 23, 2023.

Introduction to “SAP for Me”

SAP for Me is your digital companion to easily interact with SAP and get immediate guidance to the best solution for you. SAP for Me aggregates important alerts, metrics, and insights about your SAP product portfolio with a single access point. (Note: not all SAP For Me services will be initially offered for your product.) 

SAP for Me currently provides seven different capability areas: 


  1. Portfolio & Products: Get a 360-degree view of your products, including road maps and innovations. 

  2. Systems & Provisioning: Manage your cloud and on-premise systems and get an at-a-glance insight into their availability and status. 

  3. Knowledge & Learning: Explore opportunities to enhance your product skills and oversee learning journeys and trainings 

  4. Finance & Legal: Review your SAP orders, licenses, invoices, consumption, and balance statements. 

  5. Maintenance & Support: Review support cases and manage maintenance and support topics across your company & across your products. 

  6. Users & Contacts: Connect with key SAP contacts and colleagues in your company, and manager your S-users 

Which Authorization is required to access the different Capability Areas of SAP For Me (me.sap.com)?

To access SAP for Me(me.sap.com) you need to have a S User ID to login. 

Capability Area  Required Authorization 
Portfolio & Products  No special permissions required (S User ID credentials is enough, please refer to next section if you do not yet have an S User)
Knowledge & Learning             No special permissions required (S User ID credentials is enough, please refer to next section if you do not yet have an S User) 



Systems & Provisioning          

Edit Cloud Data  

Trigger system provisioning 

(Key Location: Systems & Provisioning Dashboard 







Finance & Legal           

Display Order Information in SAP for Me 

View all orders assigned to customer account 

(Key Location: Finance & Legal Dashboard) 

View list of license materials related to order 

(Key Location: Finance & Legal Dashboard) 

View CPEA Balance Statements 

(Key Location: Finance & Legal Dashboard – Billing) 

Manage Invoices and Payments 

Trigger purchase of additional licenses 

(Key Location: Finance & Legal Dashboard) 

Access License Utilization for Cloud 

View consumption of cloud 

(Key Location: Finance & Legal Dashboard – Cloud) 

Maintenance & Support 

Display All Incidents and/or Display Incidents 

View all incidents or just the incidents of the S-User 

(Key Location: Support & Maintenance Dashboard) 

Report an Incident and/or Send Incidents to SAP 

Report and incident and send incident to SAP 

(Key Location: Support & Maintenance Dashboard) 




Users & Contacts        

Edit Contact-Role Assignment in SAP for Me 

Change the assignment of a person on customer side to a customer contact role related to a product. 

(Key Location: All Product Detail Pages that can be reached from the Portfolio & Product Dashboard) 

Below sample screenshot shows how authorizations look in SAP for Me for some of the above capability areas(Super Admin S User view).

Actions required by customer & partners – Very Important 


  • Each customer company has named an IT Contact during contract signature. This person is treated as a Super Admin S User and has received the Super Admin S User logon credentials via email.  

    • If you do not know this person, you can call the SAP support hotline for help (support.sap.com/call1sap, press 2, again press 2) 

    • The Super Admin S User can create S Users for other colleagues in the customer company. 

  • We request all Key Users in SAP Business ByDesign & SAP Cloud for Customer (both at customer & at partner companies) to have a S User ID (Cloud Administrator Access), so that you use SAP for Me with all its capabilities. 

    • If you don’t have an S User, we request you to create S User ID for the Key User who can take care of Service Operations, Maintenance, and other capabilities of SAP for Me for your ByD/C4C solution. 

    • You can ask your Super Admin S User or the SAP support hotline for help. 

Let us give you a few more details about the S User: 

  • An S–User is a 10-digit ID beginning with the letter ‘S’ created by the Super Administrator of your company to allow you access to the SAP Support Portal and SAP for Me, amongst other support sites. Your S-User is evidence of your support agreement with SAP. 

  • Based on the access level we distinguish the following types of S Users:

    • Super Administrators: Super administrators have all authorizations for all applications in the SAP for Me portal at the highest possible level.  

Note: SAP creates the first S-user ID for new customers and assigns this user the highest level of authorization. (This ID is generated before the contract is posted) 

    • Cloud Administrator: This applies to customers who have licensed an SAP cloud product. Cloud administrators have all authorizations that are required to fulfil all SAP cloud-related tasks in SAP for Me portals. 

    • User Administrators: User administrators are users who have the authorization to grant all authorizations that they have themselves to other users or revoke them. They are responsible for creating and administering S-user IDs.

Read More: About the User, Authorization and Administrator Concept, Online help: User management & KBA: 2492132 

How can you Make Use of SAP For Me already? 

You can already make use of SAP for Me for the below: 

    • Maintenance for cloud services: Maintenance dates for SAP cloud products that you have subscribed to.

    • License key expiry: Indicates dates where you have to request a new key to ensure that your software product remains activated and license compliant.  

    • Schedule an Expert or Manager sessions: Online meetings with an SAP Support expert to discuss a technical problem or the progress of a case. 

    • Maintenance deliveries (patches etc.): Planned release dates for SAP's maintenance deliveries for on-premise products, which include patches, support packages, and support package stacks. 

    • Extranet release dates: Major release dates for the SAP for Me portal or SAP ONE Support Launchpad. SAP recommends that you do not schedule major go-lives or upgrades for this day as applications like SAP Notes search, case creation, system data administration, and others, may temporarily be unavailable. 

    • SAP Security Patch days: Release dates for software corrections focused solely on security to protect against potential weaknesses or attacks. 

Fig: Purchased License view 

Fig: Purchased vs. Consumed License view 

Fig: Services & Support 

Fig: Support Channels (Incident, Expert Chat & Schedule an Expert) 

  • You can explore Systems & Provisioning section where you can explore your Systems to check for the Availability of your system along with SAP communications sent to customers related to Service Disruption, Service Degradation, Customer Communication etc. under Availability. 

Fig: Systems 

Fig: Systems Status & Event Notifications 


Please note that today some functionality related to License, Systems, Tenant Provisioning and others can be found within SAP Business ByDesign / Cloud For Customer work centers, which may be brought into SAP for Me in the future. 


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