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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I wrote a post <Flow Builder: Understand the difference in trigger mechanisms: manually created job, event based job...> four years ago, which tried to describe the difference among the job trigger mechanisms for Flow Builder 1.0.

For Flow Builder Plus, the integration point has been enhanced a little bit with respect to the new introduced 'Account Scope' concept.


Account Scope Concept

The 'Account Scope Concept' is a sub-configuration step for source application 'Accounting' in One Exposure. Once you activated source application 'Accounting' (BKPF), system allow you to define 'Account Scope'.


The related configuration path is: 'Cash and Liquidity Management' > 'Cash Management' > 'Data Setup' > 'Define Source Application Accounting'.


There are three different account scopes available:

  • Liquidity Analysis Only (Default). It is the default account scope if you didn't maintain any records. It also means the old entries coming from Flow Builder 1.0 era will be treated as Liquidity Analysis Only entries from compatibility point of view. This accounting scope generate flows with document chain tracing, and those kinds of data normally used for liquidity analysis purpose.

  • Cash Position Only; This accounting scope generate flows without document chain tracing, it basically for cash position usage.

  • Cash Position & Liquidity Analysis; Via this accounting scope, system will generate separate data for one single document: one for Cash Position purpose, the other is for Liquidity Analysis purpose.

See another post to understand it better from business aspect: Flow Builder Plus: the business insight, Part I | SAP Blogs.


Different integration mechanisms

Despite there are three account scopes, there are two kinds of data set: Cash Position Cash Flow, and Liquidity Analysis Cash Flow.

System using different integration mechanisms to suit those two kinds of data set for real-time integration:

Cash Position Cash Flow.

This kind of flow will be generated as real time manner, and it is not allowed to change it.

The integration mechanism is relying on the workflow event linkage.


Liquidity Analysis Cash Flow.

This kind of flows' generation can be changed via 'Update Mode' in 'Accounting Scope' configuration above. The default update mode is 'Close to real time'.

Update mode 'Close to real time' will trigger a SAP event where a job can be started:

  • For OP2021 customers who using Flow Builder Plus, a manual created technical job for event (SAP_FCLM_FLOWBUILDER_TRIGGER)  is recommended because the standard delivered technical job is only for Flow Builder 1.0.

  • For OP2022 and higher releases, the standard delivered technical job FCLM_FLOWBUILDER_JOB (Event SAP_FCLM_FLOWBUILDER_TRIGGER) will redirect to Flow Builder Plus as Flow Builder 1.0 is no longer supported. And it is also a scope depended on job.

For technical detail about the job please refer to 3111810 - Optimized Data Model and Algorithm: Technical Setup Guide.


Q: Does technical job still needed if only Cash Position Cash flow is required?

A: Theoretically, a system which needs Cash Position Cash flow only can skip the technical job part, but the best practice is schedule technical job as suggested. The reason behind is, the technical readiness will free the business usage.

Q:  There are no flows generated for Cash Position Cash flow, why?

A: Please check the workflow linkage is activated or not. See the section 'Cash Position Cash Flow' above.

Q: There are no flows populated for Cash Position Cash flow, and the workflow linkage exists. Why?

A: Please check the workflow configuration in your system, such as T-Code: SWU3., or consult your BASIS support for the system setup.

Q: What's the reason that technical job not started?

A: A typical reason is the scope is not activated. Another popular reason is that the changes of technical job may need time to sync with background jobs. Please consult your BASIS support for the system setup.

Q: The job scheduled successfully, but there are no flows generated. Why?

A: The most possible reason is the variant in use. Please revisit the variant, and ensure the variant contains the correct parameters. To generate liquidity analysis cash flow with 'Close to real time', the running type shall be 'Liquidity Analysis: Delta Run from Staging'. and please don't forget remove 'Test Run' flag.