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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Flow Builder, is one of the kernel programs in SAP Cash Management, which is responsible for populating the entries (named flows) into One Exposure table from Accounting documents and Material management documents.

With respect to the complexity of the Flow Builder program itself and the size of accounting documents plus the relationship among the documents (named document chain), Flow Builder's run could result in some unexpected conditions, like all software programs in this planet. Apart from the bugs inside the program itself, the available system resources like high-loaded system, used up storage, would also lead to unexpected conditions.

The key is, how to locate the issue and fix the issue rapidly. That's the value of 'diagnostic tools'.

Flow Builder Plus provides the auto-healing mechanism which will automatically fix the gap, and there are diagnostic tools which can be used manually to identity the root reason and fix the gaps if possible.

This post focuses on Flow Builder Plus, a.k.a. Flow Builder 2.0, which enabled since OP2021 SP1 (or via Note 3097908 on OP2021 SP0) and refer to my posts:

to understand it better.


Flow Builder: Utility Toolset

The Utility Toolset (T-Code: FCLM_FB2_UTIL, program: FCLM_FB2_CONF) provides lots of the options, and the most used options are listed as following:

  • Find Missing Documents. It will find out the document line item which shall be appear in One Exposure but it doesn't. And you can add the selected lines back to delta table for reprocessing.

  • Find Unexpected Documents. It will try to find out the document line item which shall not appear in One Exposure but it does.

  • Delete Invalid Delta Entries. It will find out the invalid delta entries, like deleted park documents, entries are no longer useful due to the configuration changed  - changed accounting scope and/or active/de-active certain company code.


Please be aware that 'Find Missing Documents' and 'Find Unexpected Documents' can only working for the company codes whose update mode is 'Not relevant' (Accounting scope: Cash Position Only) or 'Close to Real time' or 'Deferred - with delta table'. In another word, it don't support the Update Mode as "Deferred - No delta table update' because there could be tons of entries detected as the flows' generation are manually.

And, 'Find Unexpected Documents' will facing some fake results with update mode 'Deferred - with delta table update' because there are some obsoleted flows shall be deleted but Flow Builder don't got the chance to delete them, it is deferred.



Bank Account Balance Reconciliation

Though this program is majorly for 'Bank Account Balance Reconciliation', the detail page provide the functionality to compare accounting document line item and the flow, and it is possible to add the entry back to delta table for a reprocessing.

Also, this program won't care about the Update Mode, means that program can be used for the company code whose Liquidity Analysis Update Mode is not 'Close to Real time'.

See my post "One Exposure: Reconcile bank account balance cross different data sources | SAP Blogs" for detail.



Flow Builder: Reprocess Error Entries in Delta Run

This program (Program: FCLM_FB2_RECOVERY) provides you a standalone UI to handle the failure happened in delta run mode for both Cash Position and Liquidity Analysis.

You can perform the selection on the first screen and then chosen the selected lines to reprocess.


Flow Builder: Gap Filler

This program (Program: FCLM_FB2_SEALANT) is targeted to reprocess the gap between One Exposure and Accounting documents. it will call to 'Find Missing Documents' and 'Find Unexpected Documents' with sequence and add the found entries back to delta table for a reprocessing.

Though this program is suggested to created for a job which can be run automatically, you can still use the program manually for a larger scope to check.