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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Flow Builder Plus, a.k.a. Flow Builder 2.0, provide a new functionality call 'Traceability' which used to demystify the processing document chain tracing from Liquidity Item point of view.

And we'd received lots of positive feedbacks regard this new functionality.

Also, we often been asked whether we can put this new functionality as a separate tool so that the business user can use it directly?

We understand this new requirement. Because Flow Builder is a technical tool to generate/update/delete flows, normally the access rights to execute Flow Builder is restricted to certain technical users. Business users, instead, who may have interest about liquidity item derivation but won't be granted with authority for flows' operation.

Well, before the standard product offers a separate entrance for the traceability, a workaround for this requirement can be achieved via a tiny ABAP report.

A sample report below contains 14 lines of codes which created a separate report to show the traceability result.
data rspar TYPE TABLE OF rsparams.

PARAMETERS: p_bukrs type bukrs OBLIGATORY.
PARAMETERS: p_gjahr type gjahr OBLIGATORY.
PARAMETERS: p_belnr type belnr_d OBLIGATORY.

rspar = VALUE #(
( selname = 'SO_BUKRS' kind = 'S' sign = 'I' option = 'EQ' low = p_bukrs )
( selname = 'SO_GJAHR' kind = 'S' sign = 'I' option = 'EQ' low = p_gjahr )
( selname = 'SO_BELNR' kind = 'S' sign = 'I' option = 'EQ' low = p_belnr )
( selname = 'P_TEST' kind = 'P' low = 'X' )
( selname = 'P_TRACE' kind = 'P' low = 'X' ) ).



Hope it helps.