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With the text determination configurations, you can configure which text types to be enabled for an object. Also for a text type, how the text is determined (what is the sequence of the determination).


For example, Internal Note, Sales Note and Shipping Instruction are the expected text types for the header of sales document. And the determination is expected to firstly copy the text from the preceding document, if not available then copy it from the customer master.

Since 2105, even more flexible determination is possible. Custom logic can be implemented to control:

  • Requirement: Under which conditions, the text determination shall take place:

  • Data Transfer: When text determination is taking place, replace the determined text by another source text:

To achieve this, you can implement your custom logic with the BAdIs Copying Requirement in Text Determination, or Data Transfer in Text Determination.


Then the BAdI implementation can be maintained in a routine.


Finally, maintain the routine in the field Requirement or Data Transfer of text determination configuration.

Now you can test your fully customized text determination.