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Fit–To–Standard process in Activate Methodology

SAP Activate methodology primarily includes a set of best practices, tools, and accelerators to ensure better planning, execution, and delivery of SAP projects. The tools include guided configuration, pre-built integration scenarios, and pre-configured industry content.


Fit-to-standard (F2S) analysis is a crucial step in the SAP Activate methodology which involves evaluating the gap between the standard functionalities offered by SAP solutions and the specific requirements of a business that does not meet the standard functionalities. This analysis helps determine if any customizations or enhancements are needed to meet the specific needs of the organization. Any new customization and enhancement development is expensive to develop and maintain after implementation.



  1. Conduct various F2S workshops for each line of business (LOB) and/or process like chart of accounts, organizational structure, Human Resources, Sales, sourcing & procurement, manufacturing, etc.

How to approach Fit-to-standard Analysis


  1. Use all or any of the templates used in the PREPARE phase of the activate Methodology. Example – for SAP Activate for Cloud, Public Edition (3- System landscape) à Prepare Phase à Prepare for Fit-to-Standard Workshops. Activate methodology provides many accelerators to facilitate the F2S preparation workshops.

  2. Collect open issue list collected from each workshop.

How to approach Remote Fit-to-standard Workshops


  1. Create backlog items related to additional configuration activities, integration setup, master data needed, output layout etc.

  2. If gaps are identified, the team analyzes the impact of these gaps on the organization's operations and processes. They consider factors such as the criticality of the gap, the potential risks, and the cost and effort required to address the gap. Based on this analysis, the team decides whether to modify the business processes to align with the standard functionalities or to customize the SAP Activate solution to meet the specific requirements. They also consider the long-term implications of these decisions, such as the impact on future upgrades and maintenance.


F2S analysis is an iterative process that may be revisited multiple times throughout the project lifecycle.


The outcome of the F2S analysis will determine whether the SAP standard solution will align with business processes or not. If it is not fit the business requirements, then how much customization is needed to fit the business needs. Any enhancement that deviates from the SAP standard solution may impact the project timeline and budget.


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