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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,


Recently during one of our enablement sessions with our partners and customers, we came across a following query -

"Majority of the Activate Roadmap Accelerators in the SAP Activate Methodology for SAP S/4HANA Cloud really talk about the SSCUI (self-service configuration user interfaces) ID's and configuration ID's. How do we find the configuration activity in the SAP Central Business Configuration equivalent to the SSCUI ID's described and talked everywhere?"

So to address this confusion, I am writing this short, quick and crisp blog on how to find the configuration activities equivalent to the SSCUI ID's which are talked everywhere, not just in the Activate accelerators but also in communities, incidents, Knowledge Based Articles (KBA's) etc.


First and foremost, let's see why we are still using the SSCUI naming . To understand this part, one must understand that currently SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers are being implemented via two frameworks - one being Solution Builder (customers who signed the contract before the SAP Central Business Configuration general availability) and the second being implemented via SAP Central Business Configuration (customers who signed the contract after SAP CBC general availability). Hence SAP is currently dealing with both customers and partners having solution builder (configurations via Manage Your Solution/Configure Your Solution app) as well as having SAP Central Business Configuration as their configuring tool. To cater requirements for both types of customers & partners it is required to have SSCUI ID's and references around for some time, until the existing customers & partners based on solution builder are converted to SAP Central Business Configuration based solutioning.

Now to address our original query, for the customers and partners already on SAP Central Business Configuration, there is a simple way in order to avoid confusion in terms of finding configuration activities in the SAP Central Business Configuration referring to the SSCUI ID's being used in the accelerators, tickets, KBAs, communities etc.

Please follow the below simple steps to find this information:

  1. Login to SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer and navigate to the Accelerator section  - Your guide for the implementation! Needless to say, the SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer  needs to be your go-to guide while implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution. Please navigate to the roadmap -

  2. Once you are into the Accelerator section, marking all/none filter, use the Ctrl + F shortcut function from your keyboard or search manually for the accelerator - Configuration activity

  3. Open the accelerator and considering you already have a SSCUI ID for which you are wanting to search the equivalent configuration activity, please search the SSCUI ID inside the excel (accelerator). For the sake of this example, I am using the SSCUI ID - 102179 which corresponds to Check Units of Measurement. I just find the equivalent description for the activity against in the Column E (Configuration Step) corresponding to the number in the column I (Configuration Step ID - which is nothing but your SSCUI ID) and use it in the free search on your SAP Central Business Configuration screen as shown in the below two screenshots

  4. Now go to your SAP Central Business Configuration screen, under your project >> Configuration activities and input into the Free Search the configuration step you identified from the above step (Please make sure the Go-Live relevance and the Filter by status options are selected as per the need and the configuration you are intending to search). Please make a note that only those configurations will be visible for your SAP Central Business Configuration system on which the business processes (scope items) are activated for your system.

  5. NEW ENHANCEMENT - Also now with the latest enhancement being worked on by our product and development teams, it is also going to be possible to search the configuration activities directly via the SSCUI IDs in Central Business Configuration tool. Go to Central Business Configuration >> Configuration Activities >> Search the desired SSCUI ID.
    This feature allows you to directly search the SSCUI ID in the central business configuration tool.


This way you can quickly use this accelerator to find out the configuration activities in your SAP Central Business Configuration which are equivalent to the SSCUI ID's in the vast resources listed out there.

Hope this eases your tasks and saves your precious time to perform configuration activities.




SAP S/4HANA Cloud Expertise Services


NOTE:  - This is not an official communication/messaging in terms of any change in the usage of the terminologies or the naming conventions being used. But rather an opinion on how I personally found out the best use of the accelerator to meet ends about the configuration activities in SAP Central Business Configurations. Please feel free to add in the comments sections if there are easier ways to find out the configuration activities in SAP Central Business Configuration for the equivalent SSCUI IDs available.