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The region around Nice is famous for the smell in the air – lavender will be all around, mixed with the salty sea breeze. But there is something else in the air – finance transformation.

Join SAP Insider Financials 2014 in Nice and learn about how analytics can help your finance function in their current transformation phase.

CFOs globally are looking to transform their organizations, their processes, and their standing within the corporate culture – not too few aim at the CEO seat. This does come at a high price as they’d need to change the charter of their organization and extend into guiding the business to success.

An easy way to describe this is the following:


So in addition to core functional duties (meaning the finance operational side of the organization), twenty-first century CFOs also need to step up to blue skies (aka “drive business innovation).

Today’s finance department is responsible for securing funding of the company’s operations, sustainability, and processes of an organization. These responsibilities include financial operations / transactions, finance analytics, decision making, communication, and collaboration across the enterprise.

Finance experts are requested in a wide range of business operations, including the:

  • Development of the corporate business strategy for an organization,
  • Establishment of the policies, plans, and budgets that guide operational and ultimately, tactical, financial decisions, not to forget
  • Assurance of compliance and business performance.

According to leading analysts like Brian McDonough, Innovations in Analytics, finance organizations are urged to lead with innovation. “Three technologies — analytics, mobility, and in-memory — all play key roles in enabling finance personnel to collect, analyze, and take action on front-line information,” notes McDonough.Visualization and Predictive Analytics Will Be Highlighted at SAPinsider Financials 2014Talking about analytics leaves me with trending topics around visualization and predictive analytics, both of which are new to finance experts for two reasons – visualization was done via MS Excel in form of simple graphics and everything else but appealing, and predictive analytics was “this Ph.D thing” that nobody really understood.Both innovative processes will find prominent appreciation in Nice at the European SAP Insider Financials 2014 event which, by the way, also hosts the BI 2014 and are keynoted by Christian Rodatus and Irfan Khan. Who knows what great announcements in the analytics and finance space are awaiting the audience…And Finance Analytics is the base for any transformational undergoing regardless of industry, size and type of organization.Top 7 Sessions for SAP’s Analytics solutions for Finance at SAPinsider

  1. How to adapt the latest data analytics solutions from SAP to empower your finance teamHenner Schliebs, SAP, Analytics Audience Marketing
  2. A beginner’s guide to SAP Predictive Analysis: Definitions, terminology, and best practicesCharles Gadalla, SAP, Advanced Analytics Solution Management
  3. Lessons for rolling out a financial dashboard that supports your most critical decisions – Anurag Barua, GyanSys
  4. A leading expert’s guide to mastering SAP Business Planning and Consolidation reporting and analytic... – Jarrett Bialek, TruQua Enterprises
  5. Operationalising analytics for business executives at SAP – Dean J. Eiwanger and Stewart Johnstone, SAP
  6. A comprehensive and up-to-date guide to SAP’s mobile analytics roadmap – Andrew Murray, SAP
  7. Case study: Lessons learned from Deloitte’s mobile BI deployment – Chris Dinkel, Deloitte

If you’re interested in a one-on-one, please let me know. You can reach me via email or @hschliebs. I am more than happy to share customer successes about how they leveraged technology to achieve financial excellence and shape the finance function of tomorrow…

This blog has been originally posted here: http://blogs.sap.com/analytics/2014/05/09/in-a-lavendar-mood-flowers-and-analytics-are-in-the-air-th...