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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Welcome to release SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111. This blog provides you with my favorite innovations in the area of finance including business benefits, capabilities and demos.

The worldwide pandemic, increased sustainability as well as cloud computing have already changed the business world in a lasting manner and continue to place new demands on the finance function to respond to these changes, actively manage them while maintaining the profitability targets and compliance. Let us now dive into two specific areas with innovations to support you in that challenge:

Video 1: Release Video for Finance in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111

SAP Intelligent Real Estate

Firstly, changed working environments in the company such as working from home and making workplaces in the company more flexible need well-informed decisions as well as an efficient execution in global real estate management. Commercial and corporate real estate companies are co-mingling their real estate processes and need a single solution where they can manage the entire real estate portfolio.

With SAP Intelligent Real Estate organizations now have a single source of truth for their entire real estate portfolio - independent of geography and business unit. Commercial and corporate real estate organizations can improve their building utilization by managing all external, intercompany and internal occupancy from a single application. Lease administration is simplified through a consumer grade user experience, delivered analytical content and native financial integration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Embedded analytics support a detailed analysis of costs, revenues and occupancy to improve building efficiency.

Value Proposition

  • Benefit from single source of truth: Streamlined master data model in the cloud to enable end-to-end real estate business processes

  • Manage buildings and spaces better: One solution to perform space management for commercial and corporate requirement

  • Make intelligent leasing decisions: Comprehensive contract management solution with financial integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • Analyze building efficiency: Embedded analytics for detailed analysis of costs, revenues and capacity utilization


  • Streamlined Master data model in the cloud to enable end-to-end real estate business

  • One solution to perform space management for commercial and corporate requirements

  • Comprehensive contract management solution with financial integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • Embedded analytics for detailed analysis of costs, revenues and capacity utilization

  • The openness of SAP’s Business Technology Platform allows partner add-ons and contributions ​

  • This innovative feature is also available in Two-Tier-ERP



Video 2: Demo Location Management


Video 3: Demo Contract Management


Video 4: Demo Analytics

More Efficient Credit Decisions

The global risk of payment defaults and a wave of bankruptcies drives organizations to maintain their credit worthiness while taking the right credit decision with respect to their business partners. For credit managers this means a high level of vigilance is required. It is important to take a very precise and individual look at the situation of your own business partners such as credit class, credit limit and scoring trends and to take well informed credit decisions. With our 2111 release we have completed several usability and process enhancement to support credit managers in efficiently managing credit accounts as well as taking and documenting necessary credit decisions.

New App for the Credit Controller: Manage Document Credit Decisions

You can use this app to see an overview of the important data for assessing credit decisions and to decide on credit blocked documents.

Value Proposition

  • Efficient processing of documents with credit block (such as sales orders, service orders, or delivery documents)

  • User-friendly, web-based user interface

  • Access with mobile devices


  • All relevant information in on place

  • Release, re-check or cancel documents with credit block

  • Approval workflows based on various criteria

  • Documentation of the decision process to meet legal disclosure obligations

  • Easy navigation to related documents


Video 5: Demo Manage Documented Credit Decisions

Enhanced App for the Credit Controller: Manage Manage Credit Accounts

Value Proposition

  • 360° view on a credit account (master data & transactional data)

  • All relevant data on one screen, just scroll

  • Key app in SAP Credit Management which allows you to minimize losses in your customer portfolio caused by bad debts or credit defaults


  • Display and edit master data of your credit account: Risk class, resubmission date, special attention, credit limits.

  • Get an overview on credit-relevant data, such as overdues, payment behavior, score trend.

  • See all documented credit decisions which are related to blocked sales orders of your business partner. You can trigger a release or re-check of documented credit decisions from the list.

  • See the credit limit requests of a business partner. You can drill down from the list and process the credit limit requests.

  • Manage external credit information, such as ratings or credit reports.

  • See the customer hierarchy.

  • See the credit insurance data, such as collaterals and check exceptions

Figure 1: Manage Credit Accounts

Here are more innovations not covered in the video.

Group Reporting - Consolidation Unit Master Data Extensibility

Consolidation unit master data extensibility allows you to use custom fields to create your own consolidation unit attributes. There are two types of consolidation unit attributes that you can create: time- and version-independent or time- and version-dependent. The custom attributes can then be used in selections, totals validation rules, and analytics.

Value Proposition

  • Enhance the set of predefined and delivered consolidation unit attributes with customer individual attributes (e.g. additional organizational information or classification criteria) using the common extensibility framework apps

  • Expose these attributes as additional information in analytical reports, make use of them in core functions via consumption in selections, or use them in totals validation rules


  • Use the Custom Fields app to extend consolidation unit master data with custom attributes

  • Add these custom fields to the UI in the Define Consolidation Units app (if you have extensibility authorizations)

  • Maintain attribute value assignments for custom consolidation unit attributes in Define Consolidation Units app or via Import Consolidation Master Data app.

  • Filter for consolidation units that have values assigned for the custom consolidation unit attributes in the Define Consolidation Units app

  • Use in selections with the Define Selections app

  • Use in totals validation rules with the Define Validation Rules app

  • Use in analytics for group reporting, such as in the Group Data Analysis app (only time- and version-independent attributes)

Figure 2: Adding a Custom Field to the Consolidation Unit Master Data

If you want to see more details on this and other innovations in the space of Group Reporting plse. read this blog from stephane.neufcourt.

Registration for Indirect Taxation Abroad

Legal entities operating in multiple countries must satisfy the tax and reporting regulations of the countries in which they do business. Under some circumstances, it is permitted to register legal entities for indirect taxation abroad without having to create a company code for that country.

Registration for Indirect Taxation Abroad (RITA) allows you to maintain a tax registration country that is different from the company code country. Note that RITA is not intended for permanent establishment abroad. This registration helps you link taxable transactions in foreign countries for indirect tax reporting. With SAP S/4HANA Cloud release 2111, RITA is enabled for the following nine countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. Let me give you 2 examples of possible combinations:

  • Germany GmbH represented by a company code (e.g. 1010) in SAP S/4HANA Cloud with tax abroad in Italy and Netherlands. No specific company code required for indirect taxable business transactions in Italy and Netherlands.

  • Germany GmbH represented by a company code (e.g. 1010) and Belgium BVBA represented by a company code (e.g. 2510) in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Both with tax abroad in Spain and Austria. No specific company code required for the indirect taxable business transactions in Spain and Austria.

Beyond of this, additional functionalities in RITA are already available within the Early Adopter Care program before released later. For more information, please see SAP Early Adopter Care.


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