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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Prior to a conversion to SAP S/4HANA it is essential to resolve data inconsistencies in ECC for documents that will be transformed during a System Conversion.  Failure to resolve these inconsistencies may result in unexpected stoppage of the Migration Monitor and in some cases cannot be easily resolved without special intervention by SAP Support.

To identify and fix these inconsistencies while still in the ECC system, we have programs FIN_CORR_RECONCILE and FIN_CORR_DISPLAY that can reconcile accounts and find data inconsistencies.   The program FIN_CORR_MONITOR can analyze the inconsistencies discovered in the last reconciliation run and potentially correct the discovered errors.

This blog post provides tips and advice on how to run these programs


Please refer to my blog post System Conversion_ Finance Consistency checks of Transactional Data for more details on FIN_CORR_RECONCILE & FIN_CORR_DISPLAY



This specific error relates to FIN_FB_RECON 592, 593, 594, 595: Clearing specific to ledger groups differs between master data and BSEG/BSEG_ADD

TIP! To find what types of errors are discoverable by the FIN_CORR_RECONCILE analysis check note 2956096 - FIN_CORR_MONITOR: Information on correctable errors


TIP! You can display the list of errors by message number, company code and fiscal year and by document/line item. You can double click on a row to drill down for more information, such as the package (company code and fiscal year) and the individual line item.

  1. Select Correction Mode

TIP! the Correction Mode enables the correction/modification functionality

  1. Choose a specific line entry and select “Correct”

  1. Select “Simulate” to test the correction process before any irreversible commitments are made

TIP! The corrections will be simulated, and the statistics are written to the log. At this point no changes/corrections will be committed to the database.

7. Select Display Log

  1. Select the log to see the details

  1. To fix the error in real mode, run again step 3-5 and this time select Update

  1. Repeat steps 7-8 to display the log

TIP!  If a correction run includes more than one company code then you will see individual correction logs for each company code.

  1. To confirm that the error is being fixed run FIN_CORR_RECONCILE and FIN_CORR_DISPLAY

The original discrepancies should no longer be reported.

In summary, prior to a conversion to SAP S/4HANA it is essential to resolve in ECC data inconsistencies for documents that will be transformed during the System Conversion.

This blog details on how to run programs FIN_CORR_RECONCILE, FIN_CORR_DISPLAY and FIN_CORR_MONITOR and provides tips and advice on their practical use.

Please share your own experiences with this topic in a comment.

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