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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Brazilian Portuguese version - https://blogs.sap.com/2020/09/09/finalistas-eureka-coworking-challenge-brasil


We all know the success of SAP Business One - proved not only by more than 70k customers globally, but also by IDC (see it here) – is the result of its flexibilty, integration and extensibility capabilities. Therefore, our partners are able to accomplish the business requirements of many industries, verticals and micro-verticals, as well as the legal demands of each region.

Those are quality developments that follow SAP's and market's best practices, offered though information sessions, documentation available in the SAP PartnerEdge and trainings we deliver often and every year. Solutions developed by our partners may also get certified through our Integration Certification Center.

It is our pleasure to develop our partners and bring innovation to our SMB customers.

At the beginning of the year, Eureka, through its founders and CEOs, asked us for a product that would fulfil the needs of their coworking operations. The innovation of business models and the offer of visionary solutions are at the core of their DNA and we could not only bring up a classic and traditional application.

We decided then, amongst all of us, to propose a challenge to our SAP Business One partners so they could develop, with creativity and innovation, a product to exceed customer's expectations: the Intelligent Coworking Challenge.

Intel, though their partners Alice Wonders and Pluginbot, joined us and installed a hacked coffee machine, social distancing monitoring cameras and a station to read the bodies temperature real-time. All of them open through APIs and SDKs so our partners could easily integrate to SAP Business One and their own solution.

The teams had the chance to work for 4 weeks and presented us interesting results. I filtered here those which called my attention the most and that are the finalists of the challenge:


When we want to park the car in a mall's parking lot it's easier to look up for the green, red and blue LED indicators so we can choose the best free spot to park.

Our partner ManyMinds presented a very similar solution for the coworking desks, so those which are in use or blocked for the sake of social distancing shows a red led sign; the free ones available to use are marked green.

They have integrated an Arduino device together with a loosely-coupled solution, hosted on Google Cloud Platform and SAP Business One through the Service Layer to achieve this result:

Grupo Skill

They innovated with gamification allied with the coworking operation though the gadgets offered by Alice Wonders (Intel's partner). They assign points to the users and customers that read their own body's temperature at the checkpoint station, or do the recommended pauses for chilling and take coffee using the contactless feature they built integrated with the hacked coffee machine:

App mobile integrated to the checkpoint station

Contactless coffee machine

User exchanges points by products


Mapping desks and distributing employees's customers across the coworking space intelligently and efficiently is a huge challenge for Eureka.

Our partner Ativy demonstrated a solution that offers space management graphically, using what they call "Pandemic Mode" (which can be turned on or off) to recommend groups that must stick together, including reassignment suggestions to other floors or facilities:

Those are just few highlights of the features presented by our partners Skill, Ativy and ManyMinds.

Hope you have enjoyed, stay tuned for the upcoming news on this challenge!