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No matter what business you’re in, chances are it is becoming increasingly complex and the world is changing faster by the day. Technology is omnipresent from your logistic center or manufacturing line to boardroom.

Everybody talks about the digital transformation. A lot of businesses have their data since decades in databases and processes are running on proven business backends. The big question is how can that become more digital?

The place where the digital transformation really changes the game is replacing existing paper processes. Here businesses have a lot of potential to accelerate the process and avoid errors due during manual input or manual coping of data.

A simple example for this are airline tickets. In today’s world most traveler carry the ticket on their phone and watch. This does not only save trees and is better for the environment as printing and shipping is eliminated. This gives the traveler a better experience as it allows more than just access to the right plane.

With the digital version of the ticket the traveler can get reminders for check-in, boarding and even gate change. Further he has all tickets for a whole journey in one place. The ticket is aware of the current time and shows on the travel day directly on the login screen for easy access. So, no more long searches at the airport.

SAP Mobile Cards brings this functionality to the enterprise. Now within a few clicks important Data is at the fingertips of the employee. The Data is offline available and always up to date. So not matter if a manager needs to have access to the latest KPI´s or someone needs to approve a workflow, SAP Mobile Cards offers the micro app solution to enable this.

SAP Mobile Cards is in a trail version available to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud customers and can easily be enabled (check the Non-standard scope items the process for activating SAP Mobile Cards is described there).

With the 1805 release all SAP S/4 HANA Cloud customer can, after they activated SAP Mobile Cards, easily consume the following content:

Fiori Object Pages:

Here with a single click on the “add to Mobile” button in the me area any content from a standard Fiori object page is send to the Mobile.

Fiori Overview Pages:

Here the user does not only get the same visual as on the Fiori Launchpad. As the we render the cards on the mobile the charts will also stay up to date and reflect the latest data. So the charts are always up to date!

So SAP helps business to really tackle the digital transformation with out of the box solutions like the SAP Mobile Cards for S/4 HANA Cloud.

This is only the first step of the journey. With the SAP Cloud Platform mobile services enabled customers can also do workflows or consume any other OData feeds with SAP Mobile Cards to continue their journey. And with this platform in place we support the full range from cross platform solutions based on the SAP Mobile Development kit to full fletched native iOS or Android apps.

No matter what flavor of consumption is chosen we are giving the business enterprise grade tooling to operate these solutions professionally.

Have a look at the capabilities of SAP Mobile Cards here (video link)

More details on SAP Mobile Cards Details

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