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1 Background

Service Contract - Create, Update (Asynchronous)



Communication Scenario

Service Contract SOAP Integration (SAP_COM_0436)

Supported Operations


Scope Items

Service Contract Management (3MO)

New inbound SOAP API is provided to SAP Business Hub API. This asynchronous inbound service enables you as the supplier using SAP S/4HANA Cloud to automatically create or update service contracts. It is based on the SOAP protocol.

Once a service contract is created, you receive a HTTP response only. The service contract ID that is created and other data included in the service contract is send by an outbound service: Service Contract - Send Confirmation. If there are any issues when the service contract is created or updated, error messages are sent in the same outbound service.

Additionally, there is another outbound service Service Contract - Send Notification to send a notification to your external systems when any change (that was not made via an API call) to a service contract occurs.

Help Documentation Link:



How to resolve the error Product doesn’t exist or not activated”.


The system could not determine the product on item level

System Response:

Service contract is created or updated with the error. You can go to the Message Dashboard App to check the response information in the outbound call.


  1. Check your input of payload.

  2. Check if the product exists in material master data or not. If not, create one first.

  3. Or you can use an available product.

  4. How to resolve the error “Reference service contract already exists”.


    The reference service contract is the unique number that identifies an external contract or transaction. An SAP service contract can only be referred to a single reference service contract which is not referred to any other SAP service contract.

    The reference service contract number is already used for an existing SAP service contract in the backend table for external references.

    System Response:

    Service contract create or update fails due to this error. You can go to the Message Dashboard App to check the response information in the outbound call.


    1. Check whether you’re using the correct reference for creating a new service contract.

    2. Change the ReferenceServiceContract value in your payload.

      How to resolve the issue “Service contract confirmation outbound service is not triggering”.


      You have configured the communication scenario SAP_COM_0436 for service contract and have activated the outbound services for service contract confirmation. You have a middleware and have configured the endpoints. The URL path and user authentication parameters are also set.

      However, the outbound service Service Contract – Send Confirmation is triggered. In the Message Dashboard app, there is no message.

      System Response:

      No outbound service has triggered yet.


      1. Check the value for field SenderBusinessSystemID in payload against the Business System you configured in communication system.

      2. If they’re not the same, you shall use the one in your communication system for the payload.