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Schedule MRP Runs app is a type of generic job scheduling framework provided by SAP S/4HANA, to create and schedule a job for executing your MRP runs.

According the recent customer incidents submitted to SAP support, there are questions frequently asked about this app.

This blog answers the top 3 questions:

  • "Schedule MRP Runs" Fiori APP not displaying data or the user gets an error "Not Authorized".

  • How to define a job template?

  • Not able to choose a Calendar.

Blog Applicability

SAP S/4HANA Release 1610 and above

Main Content

Question 1: "Schedule MRP Runs" Fiori APP not displaying data or the user gets an error "Not Authorized"


Check the following settings in your S/4HANA backend system:

1. Check the "Scoping relevant" parameter for the Application Job

Open transaction code SAPJ, enter SAP_SCM_MRP as the Job Catalog Entry Name.

Ensure the "Scoping relevant" parameter is checked.


2. Make sure the catalog entry SAP_SCM_MRP has been maintained in the corresponding customizing activity.

SPRO->SAP NetWeaver->Application Server->System Administration->Activiation of Scope-Dependent Application Job Catalog Entries.


3. Make sure the user has MD01N transaction authorization in backend system.


4. Check the authorization profile of the role in PFCG transaction

The user needs authorization to schedule batch jobs in the given authorization group. Define the corresponding values for authorization object S_PROGRAM.

Field name P_ACTION with activity BTCSUBMIT, SUBMIT and VARIANT.

Field name P_GROUP with PPH_MRP.

As of release SAP_BASIS 7.51, the user additionaly needs S_PROGNAM authorization, field name P_ACTION with activity BTCSUBMIT.

And field name P_PROGNAM with PPH_MRP_START.

Question 2: How to define a job template?


By defining a job template, you can reuse the predefined job parameters for every job run.

Create a new job, input the frequently used job parameters as required.

Save all the details using a Template Name.

Next time when you create a new job, the template with all the pre-defined parameters can be carried out.

Question 3: Not able to choose a Calendar in define recurrence pattern


Define Recurrence Pattern is to define when and how often the job is to be executed. You might want to choose your own Calendar but you find the default calendar is in grey.

The reason is Calendar only makes sense if the value in field 'On Non-Working Day' is not ‘No Restriction’.  For example, after you choose ‘Run on next Working Day’ you will see the Calendar can be changed.


In summary, you can find the resolutions for the frequently asked questions of Schedule MRP Runs app in this guide. Hopefully this is helpful.

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