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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP S/4HANA is a future-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. It transforms business processes with intelligent automation and runs on SAP HANA – a market-leading in-memory database that offers real-time processing speeds and a dramatically simplified data model.

Here is some Frequent Asked Question to S/4HANA Cloud from June to August 2020.

The Summary of the FAQ in the other LoB, for example CO, AA has also been released. FAQ of AP/AR will come soon. Please refer to the corresponding blogs for your interests.

· Clearing large amounts in error when clear GL line item

Symptom: Clear amount 100 with no error when clear 100,000 in error.

Error (message): Ex.rate diff.accts are incomplete for account <account number> currency <currency>

App: General Ledger – Journal Entry Clearing

Root Cause: Rounding difference in foreign language (when the amount is big you can see the difference)

Solution/Workaround: Check the amount in line item and adjust it

· Search help of Field ‘Assignment Reference’.

Symptom: Assignment Reference cannot be chosen

Error (message): /

App: Display Line Item Entry, Cash Flow Statement - China

Root Cause: No search help of ‘assignment reference’

Solution/Workaround: In ‘Display Line Item Entry’, to search for this field, select 'Adapt Filters' button. In ‘Cash Flow Statements – China’, it is not possible.

· No authorization although business category has been assigned

Symptom: SAP_FIN_BC_ACC_RECON_PC has been assigned but no data shows in F3303 & F3302

Error (message): /

App: Monitor GR/IR Account Reconciliation, Reconcile GR/IR Accounts, Maintain Business Role

Root Cause: In corresponding role, Restriction type ‘GR/IR Account Reconciliation’ settings are missing

Solution/Workaround: Each restriction type should be maintained, If one do not want to restrict to certain values one should set the restriction type to ‘unrestricted access’. Blank means no authorization. This issue may occur on any App if restriction type in the role has not been maintained.

· Cannot post asset acquisition in F-04

Symptom: Error when post an asset acquisition. Document Type SA, Debit Asset, PK70, Credit Invoice, PK 35.

Error (message): GLT2001, " Item category <number> not allowed in accounting transaction <business transaction/variant>".

App: Post with Clearing (F-04)

Root Cause: What customer want to post is an asset acquisition. This business cannot be covered in F-04.

Solution/Workaround: Try App ‘Post Acquisition’ (F-90). Note 2814950.

· A failure when reverse journal entry

Symptom: Click reverse for a journal entry, error pop-up

Error (message): Runtime Error: ‘SAPSQL_PARSE_ERROR’. The OData request processing has been abnormally terminated.

App: Manage Journal Entries

Root Cause: A dump occurred in ST22

Solution/Workaround: In OP, analyze your ST22 dump. In Cloud, report an incident to SAP. Follow the recommendation in the pop-up because on Cloud you are not able to check some system logs.

· Exchange Type which was configured is not used.

Symptom: Exchange Type has been maintained, but the assessment exchange rate type has not reflected.

Error (message): @5C\QError@ Enter rate USD / CNY rate type P for <date> in the system settings @35\QLong text exists@@

App: Perform Foreign Currency Valuation, Currency Exchange Rates

Root Cause: There is no corresponding currency pair maintained. For example, in the example, CNY/USD was maintained, but USD/CNY which is used has not been maintained.

Solution/Workaround: Maintain currency pair which will be used.

· Cannot clear journal entries successfully with API

API: Journal Entry – Clearing (Asynchronous)

Solution/Workaround: Read blogs https://blogs.sap.com/2019/09/10/guidelines-for-api-journal-entry-clearing-asynchronous/ , https://blogs.sap.com/2019/09/10/guidelines-for-testing-journal-entry-api-with-soapui-and-checking-r...

· Chinese characters appear incorrectly when synchronize GL Account Master Data

Symptom: When synchronize data with the synchronize App, Chinese characters cannot be uploaded to the system correctly.

Error (message): /

App: Synchronize G/L Account Master Data

Root Cause: The transfer of the descriptions is not fully supported here. In other words, Synchronize G/L Account Master Data app does not support Double Byte Character(e.g. language code JP, ZH, KO).

Solution/Workaround: The Synchronize app is a tool for quickly transferring important changes to the master data to the production system. Double-byte languages (e.g. language code JP, ZH,KO) are transported via Q2P process using transports, which is not supported by using Synchronize G/L Account Master Data.

· Cannot clear incoming payments in F-04

Symptom: The journal entry is not cleared while the customer received the cheque from their customer and posted the amount to the document with invoice reference.

Error (message): GLT2001, GLT2002

App: Post with Clearing (F-04)

Root Cause: What customer want to clear is an incoming payment. This business cannot be covered in F-04.

Solution/Workaround: Try App ‘Clear Incoming Payments’ (F0773). Similar issue happens frequently, please be aware that F-04 is a ‘one for all’ App. If possible, use alternative App, Document Type and or Accounts. Posting you are trying to make is not allowed.

· After activation of Time Dependent Tax, Dump occurs

Symptom: Dump occurs

Error (message):

Category ABAP programming error

App: Change Purchasing Info Record

Root Cause: TxValidFrm Date for the new inforecords has not been set. Tax Calculation Date must be filled.

Solution/Workaround: Maintain the corresponding settings correctly. (note 2809073)

· Error when upload journal entries while trying to make a posting with the Reconciliation account(ABST)

Symptom: Error when upload entries with Reconciliation account

Error (message): /

App: Upload General Journal Entries

Root Cause: Reconciliation accounts are customer/vendor sub-ledger accounts. When the item is cleared, the system needs to reset the valuation difference and post to the balance sheet adjustment account. It is not able to upload the journal entries data with the provided data set.

Solution/Workaround: Only general journal entries can be checked and submitted in this app.

· Error when changing GL accounts master data

Symptom: In SSCUI "Manage G/L Account Master Data", try to change field "Tax Category" for G/L accounts

Error (message): FH081, Changing the tax code not possible; account has a balance.

App: SSCUI: Manage G/L Account Master Data

Root Cause: The G/L account balance is checked in your production system as well.

Solution/Workaround: Set the balance to zero before doing any changes to it. Note 2872109 (KBA type)

· No supplier data on the G/L line item after MIRO

Symptom: Customer shows that sometimes JE fills supplier field correctly in app 'Display line items in general ledger' but sometimes not.

Error (message): /

App: Display Line Items in General Ledger

Root Cause: Starting from 2002, we fill LIFNR (supplier) for GR/IR clearing items for supplier invoices. So that only the invoice that was posted before the 2002 upgrade will be in problem (blank supplier).

Solution/Workaround: Try to use offsetting account as alternative as reporting field

· Date of local time zone is not possible in FB03

Symptom: When displaying the accounting document in app FB03, the fields "Entry date" and "Time of entry" are displayed in UTC timezone. The customer wants to display them in user timezone UTC+8.

Error (message): /

App: FB03, Manage Journal Entries (F0717)

Root Cause: For app FB03, this behavior is designed to ensure users from different time zones get the same date for the same journal entry.

Solution/Workaround: Try App ‘Manage Journal Entries’ which can show date in different timezone

· The indicator 'Post automatically only' in G/L accounts master data can't be changed

Symptom: When editing the G/L account master data in fiori app "Manage G/L Account Master Data" app, the "post automatically only" option is not available for editing.

Error (message): /

App: Manage G/L Account Master Data

Root Cause: The "post automatically only" attribute can be edited only for G/L accounts of "Account Group" : Income Statement Accounts, Materials Management Accounts

Solution/Workaround: A workaround is to temporarily change the account group to "MAT.". However before changing account group, please ensure that there is no open balance of this account. Note 2784171 (Type KBA)

· An API that can get data for the hold (park) document

Solution/Workaround: No

· Field is not show on F-04

Symptom: When using app Post with clearing (F-04), the field Number of Pages is missing sometimes.

Error (message): /

App: Post with Clearing

Root Cause: Number of pages is a globalization field, which is only visible for certain countries.

Solution/Workaround: When accessing F-04, the system derives the country from the company code, and will show or hide the field.

· Field ‘Check NO’ has to be entered when post

Symptom: BOE module has been deactivated, but field ‘Check NO’ has to be entered when post

Error (message): /

App: Post with Clearing

Root Cause: The document entry screen variant cannot be changed by customers in SSCUI

Solution/Workaround: Enter something in the field for posting

· When do goods receipt, the error is encountered

Symptom: When do goods receipt it shows transaction is locked, but posting period has already been opened.

Error (message): Transaction CO Through-postings from FI has been locked

App: Manage Posting Periods

Root Cause: Posting period is locked in CO for Business Transaction COIN

Solution/Workaround: Correct the configurations. Note 2542433 (Type KBA)
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