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SAP Learning Solution offers a WebDynpro ABAP based Learner Portal in HR renewal. This is an improved version from the previously available BSP based version; the new version offers a simplified user interface along with some advanced features. In this blog I will try and address some of the Frequently Asked Questions posted by customers implementing this new version of the learner portal.

1.  After upgrading to HR renewal the Training Home link in Employee Self Services gives HTTP 403 forbidden error, how do I resolve this error?

Solution -  The new training home application is a WebDynpro ABAP application, you need to active the corresponding SICF service using the transaction SICF. Follow the below steps to activate the service in your LSOFE system,

   Go to transaction SICF and enter the service name as LSOF_TRAINING_HOME and press F8 key.

   In the next screen right click on the service LSOF_TRAINING_HOME and choose Activate Service.

2. There are some missing Icons in the Training Home and Other screens, how do I resolve these errors?

Solution - The new Learner Portal uses icons from the MIME repository, there is a SICF service corresponding to each of these icons. You need to activate these services in your LSOFE system, you can do that at one go by following the below steps,

Go to transaction SICF and enter the service name as LSOFE and press F8.

   In the next screen right click on the node LSOFE and select Activate Service, after this hit the second Yes button in the dialog that appears.

3. Unable to launch e-learnings or Web-Based-Trainings from Training Home and Training Details page in portal or NWBC environment, how do I resolve this problem?

Solution - When the Learner Portal is launched via the Enterprise Portal or in the NWBC; portal events are used to launch the Content Player with the e-learning content. These portal events are created by the WebDynpro application and handled by a hidden BSP application. For the e-learnings to launch properly the SICF service of this BSP application needs to be active. Using the above mentioned steps activate the service LSOF_LAUNCHWBT in the transaction SICF.

4. When trying to launch the e-learnings in the Portal or NWBC environment, I get a HTTPS security compromised error from the Browser and the content is not launched, How do I resolve this problem?

Solution - It is important to make sure that the BSP application (LSOF_LAUNCHWBT) which is used for launching the Content Player and the actual Learner Portal WebDynpro application (LSOF_TRAINING_HOME) are launched either via HTTP or via HTTPS. If training home application is launched via HTTPS and BSP application via HTTP, then the browser will issue HTTPS security compromised error and will not load the BSP application. So make sure that the default protocol for both the applications is same. Refer to this link for more details.

5. I have configured a Web dispatcher, but the BSP application LSOF_LAUNCHWBT is still trying to load using the actual LSOFE system host instead of the Web dispatcher, how do I resolve this problem?

Solution - You can influence the way how a URL is generated for a BSP application. This can be done by making an entry in the table HTTPURLLOC. For more details refer to this documentation link.

Note- The same problem can occur if your back-end and the portal are on a different domain; the solution is the same though.