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Did you know that in many cases, you can download a list of properties in OData API entities or fields in SOAP API nodes with just a couple of clicks from the SAP Help Portal?

This can be helpful when you want to compare APIs or API versions or when you plan an integration with another product and need a basis for mapping fields.

Before you export the table, make sure that it fits your needs:

  • You can hide columns that you don’t want to export.

  • You can filter specific columns so that they only show certain values.

  • You can sort the list in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header that you want to use for sorting.

You can then choose to download only the content that is displayed or the entire table and pick a format.

Download Option for Tables

Note that we cannot offer these options for tables displaying hierarchies. This representation is often used to make the structure of SOAP APIs easier to understand but it doesn’t allow filtering or exporting due to merged cells.

API Docu Table Showing the Hierarchy Within A SOAP API

You can check out the API documentation for Sales here and the example shown above (taken from the Sales Order (A2X) API) here.

You can also reach the documentation on the SAP Help Portal for each API directly from the SAP Business Accelerator Hub:

Business Documentation Link on the Overview Tab