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This blog post focuses on execution section. If you are interested in the customizing, you can read from Customizing: Quality Inspection in EWM under No Inspection Rule



EWM incorporates a Quality Inspection feature aimed at ensuring the quality of products.

In this blog post, I will provide the differences between No Inspection Rule and From Inspection rule, the conditions necessary to use the "No Inspection Rule" functionality and an overview of the key processes involved. After that, I will share the specific execution step in SAP S/4HANA.

No Inspection Rule and From Inspection rule

No Inspection Rule and From Inspection rule are a type of Inspection Lot Setup.

Managed by Easy-to-use Flexibility Grouping
No Inspection Rule Material Master ×
From Inspection Rule Inspection Rule

comparison table

If you want to know more, Simplification with quality inspection in embedded Extended warehouse management (EWM) in S/4HANA 19...

Conditions for using No Inspection Rule


  • SAP S/4HANA embedded EWM (after 1909 version)

Inspection Object Types 

  • 4 (Q-Inspection Product/Batch Inbound Delivery)

  • 5  (Q-Inspection Product/Batch Warehouse-Internal)

Inspection Types

  • 01 (Goods receipt insp. for purchase order)

  • 04 (Goods receipt inspection from production)

  • 08 (Stock transfer inspection)

  • 09 (Recurring inspection of batches)

Key elements of Quality Inspection

Inspection flow without Inspection Rule

Inspection Plan
Inspection Plan assists in outlining the procedures and specifications for conducting Quality Inspections on one or multiple materials. The plan defines the sequence of Inspection Operations, Inspection Characteristics in the operations and other data.

A part of Inspection Plan

Inspection Lot
Inspection Lot is used to record, process, and manage information related to Quality Inspection. This information encompasses inspection processing data, inspection results, appraisal costs, and the usage decision.

Inspection Result
Inspection Result refers to the outcome or findings of a quality inspection conducted on an Inspection Lot. It records the tested values or assessments made during the inspection process. The Inspection Result can indicate whether the inspected batch or quantity meets the defined quality criteria or if any defects have been identified.

Usage Decision
The Usage Decision involves making a decision based on the Inspection Result. The Usage Decision determines whether the inspected products can be accepted for use, blocked for further inspection or analysis, or rejected due to non-compliance with quality standards.

Execution steps

First, let's look at the execution flow. Additional process like exception handling is removed from the flow for simplicity.

Execution Flow

Material Master

Open Insp.Setup.

Quality Management section

Select InspType. In this case, 01 (Goods receipt insp. for purchase order).

Check Active for enabling the inspection.

Note: Depending on the Inspection Type, the default setting will be displayed, which can be changed according to your requirements.

Inspection Setup

Inspection Characteristic

Select Released in Status.

Open Control Indicators.

Master Inspection Characteristic - qualitative

Check Charc Attribute to enable Characteristic Attribute in Catalogs.

Control Indicators - qualitative

Open Catalogs in Master Inspection Characteristic - qualitative

Select predefined Quality standard whose options can be chosen on Inspection Result step.

Select your customized Code Group.

Catalogs - qualitative

Select Released in Status.

Open Quantitative Data.

Master Inspection Characteristic - quantitative

Note: I assume that the rated load limit of the overhead crane, which represents the maximum weight it can safely lift, is 5,000 kg. That’s why 5,000 kg is filled on the Lower Limit.

Quantitative Data - quantitative

Inspection Plan

Select 5 (Goods Receipt) in Usage.

Select 4 (Released) in Overall Status.

Inspection Plan - Header

Create Operations with QM01 in Control Key.

Inspection Operation list

Select Master Inspection created from Inspection Characteristic.

Inspection Characteristic list

Purchase Order

Select Inbound in Conf. Control of Confirmation.

Purchase Order

Inbound Delivery

ERP Inbound Delivery

Goods Receipt

EWM Inbound Delivery information

Goods Receipt

Inspection Lot

Open Task List/Spec.

Select task list created from Inspection Plan.

Inspection Specifications

Open Results.

Worklist for Inspection Lots

Inspection Operation list

Inspection Result

Select an option describes the test result.

Catalog Selection - qualitative

Inspection Results - qualitative

Fill in the tested value in Result.

Inspection Results - quantitative

Usage Decision

Open Usage Decision in Worklist for Inspection Lots.

Select UD code. If selecting the code without FollowUpActn, an error is thrown.

Usage Decision

Warehouse Task

Confirm Warehouse Task.

Warehouse Task



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