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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Welcome to this Blog post on monitor purchase order items and Cost center budget report SAP Fiori App. We have seen few queries related to exchange rate considered on Purchase order value and commitment value in cost center budget report. In this Blog, I will provide information regarding the currency rate considered on Purchase order items app and Cost center budget report app.

I will explain the above in the following sections.

Process Steps


Currency Exchange Rates app

With this App, different exchange rates can be maintained for different exchange rate types with different validity periods. It is recommended to maintain exchange rates for all exchange rate types or if you are maintaining one rate type, you can maintain the rate for that type only.

This app is an SAP GUI for HTML transaction. These classic transactions are available in the SAP Fiori theme to support a seamless user experience across the SAP Fiori launchpad.

We have maintained two different rates for EUR/USD combination with different Valid From dates.

Currency Exchange Rates App


Create Purchase order – Advanced

With this App is used to created purchase order in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. This app is a SAP GUI for HTML transaction. These classic transactions are available in the SAP Fiori theme to support a seamless user experience across the SAP Fiori launchpad.

Purchase order created with below details

  • Purchase order date – 01.09.2021

  • Purchase Order account assigned to Cost Center

  • G/L Account - 51100000 and Cost Center – 10101101

  • PO Quantity – 100 PC and Price 100 EUR to 1 PC

  • Condition Value = 100 PC * 100 EUR = 10000 EUR


Create Purchase order – Advanced


Monitor Purchase order items

With this app, you can display purchase order items and monitor their status using filter criteria such as purchase order, material group, material, supplier, plant, and delivery forecast. You can also choose a purchase order item to view its item level information.

We have executed this SAP Fiori App for above created purchase order and currency USD (Group Currency).

Net Order value is 12500 USD. Purchase order has considered PO date for currency conversion from EUR to USD which 1.25000 (EUR/USD, Valid From 01.09.2021)


Monitor Purchase order items


Cost Center Budget Report

This App provides information about budget, commitments, actual costs, and available budget. In the Cost Center Budget Report app, here you can monitor costs and budget, and compare the budget with actual costs and commitments in the budget-carrying cost centers.

We have executed this App for below details.

  • Cost Center - 10101101

  • G/L Account – 51100000

  • Company Code – 1010 and Fiscal year – 2021


Cost Center Budget Report


Double click on commitment amount and this will move to Display Line Items App.

Here we can see that 18000 USD amount has been considered for Purchase order number 4500012182 and posting date is equal to PO planned delivery date 01.10.2021.

System has considered planned delivery date 01.10.2021 for currency conversion from EUR to USD (Pls refer Currency Exchange rates screenshot)

EUR/USD exchange rate 1.8000 which is Valid from 01.10.2021


Display Line Items



Purchase order date is considered for purchase order condition value conversion from one currency to another currency. Purchase order items condition value can be seen in Purchase order items app against currency type.

The value of the commitment shown in the CO apps - especially the cost center budget report - are calculated based on the posting date of the commitment document. The posting date in the commitment document is taken from the planned delivery date of the purchase order item. Creating commitment values is always based on an estimation.

This is standard behavior that Purchase order considered PO date for currency conversion and Cost center budget report app has considered Planned delivery date for currency conversion in commitment.

I hope above information will clear doubt related to currency conversion on Purchase order value and Commitment value in Cost center budget report.


Thanks for reading this blog post. I would like to see your comments and would like to answer questions which u can post at Q&A tag areahttps://answers.sap.com/tags/66233466-fcd6-45d2-a9ae-2cba38c72e19

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