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Long gone is ‘SAP is all about ERP’ – today SAP is all about solving customer challenges through a customer focused mindset and innovative solutions on big data, mobile, cloud and predictive analytics!

October 23-24, Aalborg University, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark and SAP invited students and practitioners to a joint 30-hour intensive innovation camp aimed at creating exiting new business solutions based on cutting edge technology to meet the challenges of Future Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain Transformations. In this event we wanted to explore the potential of digitalizing manufacturing and the supply chain.

Check SAP Innovation JAM 2014 on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FDX6nyTfRY&feature=youtu.be

70 participants worked in 8 pre-assigned teams to develop ideas, prototypes and solutions. The event started with an introduction to the design challenge and the four cases were presented. Participants were also given an introduction to the design thinking methodology and selected technologies. Each teams had an assigned SAP Design Thinking coach to support them through the process. The solutions were to be presented to a professional jury that would award the best team with the most innovative solution.

The overall design challenges for SAP Innovation Jam 2014 was “How might we help companies leveraging smart manufacturing and digital supply chain visibility so they can achieve efficiency gains, reduce time to market, and increase flexibility?”. This challenge was exemplified by specific cases from four leading Danish manufacturing companies who was also part of evaluating the solutions.

Who were the case companies.

LEGO – How can we get value from logging production events?

Vestas – How can we orchestrate the global supply chain?

Grundfos – How can we identify the right manufacturing setup for new products?

Danish Crown – How can we secure food traceability and compliance?

After an entire day where the teams used Design Thinking to explore and understand their customers pains and issues and following brainstormed on possible solutions, their first high fidelity prototype was up for validation. After valuable feedback from industry and solutions experts was given, it was time for the teams to create not only a solution mock-up but also explain the value with focus on; Human desirable, Business viable and Technology feasible.

A HANA Cloud Platform was made available for all participants. After a training by SAP Mentor Robert Eijpe, selected members of the team was ready to code, making use of UI5 for their prototype. Supported by Robert, SAP HANA Experts and partner INVOKERS the teams was ready to rock! A green screen studio was made avialable for for them to visualize their ideas.

To explore and collect insight on team cases and customers a JAM room was made available for everybody.

Friday afternoon 30 customers, partners and several journalists were invited for a 3 hour inspirational SAP Open Innovation day. Professor Charles Møller, PhD, Director, Aalborg University explained the innovation power of SAP, customers, millennials and university faculty joining forces to solve the challenges of the future. Mark Raben, SAP Innovation Heads EMEA hosted a panel discussion with LEGO, Grundsfos, Vestas and Danish Crown to understand their challenges in future manufacturing.

Now the time had come for the 8 teams to present their innovative solutions to solve the challenge in Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain Transformations. Each were given 6 minutes. From worrying if the teams would actually make it - it all came out beautifully in the end.  Impressive how 30 hours with people, method and the right space can enable well thought out solutions.

MADE presented their view on challenges and Ralf, Lehmann, Senior Director, Solution Management LoB Manufacturing presented SAPs view on Responsive Manufacturing Industry 4.0.

Then it was time for the judges to find a WINNER!

During the entire event everybody was kept updated through social media such as Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SAPInnovationJam14.

The winning solution – Team 4  Grundfos:

Problem Part of the process to understand the issues was creating a persona of a customer at Grundfos to empathize and understand pains and challenges. If the customer is not getting products well in time what does that mean to him?. The root cause of not being able to sell a lot of standardized products was identified.

Solution This easy and user-friendly solution would gather information from the inventory and give sales and customer a comparison of customized and standardized product in lead time and cost. This solution would give customers an option to go for a saving and less lead time with just a click.

Aalborg University now hopes to bring this solution forward into further development.

The Future of Manufacturing and Supply Chain in Denmark

Denmark and many western European countries are concerned about the future of their manufacturing sector. The recent years we have seen a vast number of jobs being offshored to low cost countries. One of the strategies for re-industrializing the western world is to digitalize existing industry to make it more responsive and productive and thus competitive. Many national Initiatives like the German initiative “Industrie 4.0”, the US initiative “Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition” and the Danish initiative: “Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE)” are addressing this challenge.

Long gone is ‘SAP is all about ERP’

For more information:

Link to Event microsite

Link to full agenda


Aalborg University

  • Professor Charles Møller, PhD, Director, Center for Industrial Production

Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE)

  • Nigel Edmondson, Managing Director

SAP Design Thinking Coaches:

  • Gitte Winther Bruhn
  • Jacob Lund
  • Hanne Schultz Andersen
  • Helene Jespersen
  • Claire LAUPER
  • Rasmus Jacobsen
  • Peter Arentoft Nielsen

Technology Support:

  • Thomas Madsen, HANA Lead SAP
  • Robert Eijpe, SAP Mentor and HANA Guru
  • Rune Durhuus-Andersen, Invokers, User Experience and UI5 Expert
  • Morten Toxværd, Invokers, User Experience and UI5 Experts
  • Martin Holm Nielsen, Invokers, User Experience Design

Other Supporting Roles (Industry Speakers, Innovation and Photographer):

  • Ralf Lehmann, Senior Director, SAP Global Solution Management
  • Jesper Waaben, Manufacturing Lead SAP
  • Mark Raben, Innovation Head EMEA
  • Stephan van Rijn, Onsight Media – Filmmaker