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Hi everyone,

I had several customers struggle with following issue:

When importing a WSDL of a SOAP API into SAP PO, they are getting an error where SAP PO denies the import due to the policy elements.

If you are having this issue, maybe this blog can help you out 🙂

Obviously the long term goal is that all APIs should be importable into SAP PO, but until then, this little workaround might help you.

I have done below example with the Journal Entry asynchronous SOAP API


1. Open your WSDL in a tool such as Notepad++ or Atom, where you can edit the WSDL structure

2. At the top of the WSDL you will find a node called "UsingPolicy", set the parameter wsdl:required from "true" to "false"

3. Then go to end of your WSDL, you should find several places, where a policy element is being used. You need to comment these policy elements out

After these steps I was able to import the WSDL successfully as a service interface into SAP PO!

I have uploaded my example here for your reference: JOURNALENTRYCREATEREQUESTCONFI_withoutpolicies.wsdl

Hope this helps,


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