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Hello everyone,

The purpose of this blog is help to identify the root cause of error FS 861 in External Tax System (SABRIX, VERTEX and TAXWARE).

Error FS 861 can be a generic error resulted from RFC_CALCULATE_TAXES_DOC when external tax calculation is used. The cause can be wrong jurisdiction code, jurisdiction code structure, country not supported and so on.

The steps bellow should be followed to identify the root cause of error FS 861.

1. Check if company code is US,CA,PR:

According with SAP Note 1738657, SAP supports external tax systems only for the country codes US, CA and PR (Puerto Rico). This means the country of the company code must be one of these countries so that taxes are calculated using the external tax system and are also updated there.

2. Check jurisdiction code structure defined in transaction OBCO:

The default jurisdiction structure is:

Sabrix    = 2,2,5,5

Taxware = 2,5,2,0

Vertex    = 2,3,4,1

3. For non-taxable scenarios check the default jurisdiction code defined in transaction OBCL:

Enter I0 (for input tax), O0 (for output tax) and a dummy jurisdiction code for the relevant company code(s) using TAXUSX. The system uses this dummy jurisdiction code also for export business transactions. (If you create a billing document in a country with tax jurisdiction code, when the goods recipient is in a different country with or without tax jurisdiction code.) Please have a look at note 419124 where the suggested export jurisdiction codes used by the different External Tax Interface Partners are listed.

  4. For exporting scenario you have assigned for jurisdiction code in customer master data.:

As informed in SAP Note 419124 the Vertex jurisdiction code for export transactions is '770000000'. For Taxware, the jurisdiction code is IT0000000.

Please check if all new released notes are implemented:

2016990 - Export between United States and Canada

1628962 - Export with invalid tax jurisdiction

1768395 - Export with invalid tax jurisdiction (1)

1809374 - Export with invalid tax jurisdiction (2)

1899214 - Export with invalid tax jurisdiction (3)

2016058 - Export with invalid tax jurisdiction (4)

2095331 - Export with invalid tax jurisdiction (5)

5. Check the Condition used in SD:

Trigger conditions UTXD and UTXE are used in external tax calculation. Both conditions must be used together in the pricing
procedure (for technical reasons). Condition UTXD has value formula 500 and condition UTXE has value formula 501. They are triggered only by FM
PRICING_COMPLETE. The RFC is called only once per document. This is called the MaxTax procedure (developed by FI), and it is supposed to be faster. For more details related SD customizing please check SAP WIKI
Tax jurisdiction - ERP SD - SCN Wiki

6. Check if the Jurisdiction code maintained is valid:

SE37 transation -> RFC_DETERMINE_JURISDICTION -> single Test (F8) -> Test Data Directory

*** "in RFC Target Sys" inform the external tax system (RFC) destination***

7. If the above customizing is correct check the parameters passed to external tax system and received in debug mode:

  1. Transaction se24
  2. cl_xtax_rules_rfc
  3. double click on method RFC_CALCULATE_TAXES_DOC
  4. and scroll down till you see where the RFC_CALCULATE_TAXES_DOC function call is made
  5. set a break point at the break point call function 'RFC_CALCULATE_TAXES_DOC (to check the input parameters) and one after the  call function (to check the output parameters)
  6. and do the transaction again
  7. inspect the input structures: tax_cal_item_inxx: outgoing document values to tax system -->>> If you see some wrong information this is caused by wrong customizing. In this case please review in detail the configuration guide attached on SAP Note 392696 - R/3 Tax Interface Configuration Guide.

   8.  and do F6

   9. now inspect the error structure and output structure:

      tax_cal_item_outxx: incoming values from tax system

tax_cal_jur_level_outxx: jurisdiction level  --->>> if you see an error, this has to be analyzed by company responsible for the External tax system

I hope this helps!



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