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Hi Readers,

Things are moving fast and we at SAP are proud of that. This Blog Post is about new features introduced in EPPM portfolio of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2002 release.

The objective is to give some insights on the benefits which partners and customers will have by adopting these best practices.

Scope items under focus here are Project Financial Control (1NT) and Project Review (1YF) 

Copying Projects in Project Control App

This feature enables you to create a new project in the Project Control app by copying basic    project data including the project structure, work packages, milestones, and project team from an existing project.

Block Functions for a Project or Work Package

This feature enables you to block functions such as time recording, or other expense and service postings for a project or work package.This feature is available in the Project Control and Work Package apps.You can block one or more functions mentioned below for the selected project or work packages.

  • Time Recording - Time posting from the Manage My Timesheet app.

  • Activity Allocation - Manual activity allocation from the Enter Direct Activity Allocation and Manage Direct Activity Allocation apps.

  • Concur Expense Posting - Expense posting from SAP Concur.

  • Other Expense Posting - Manual cost posting to a G/L account from the Enter Manual Cost Allocations, Reassign Costs and Revenues, Post General Journal Entries, and Create Supplier Invoice apps.

New Field Related to Joint Venture in Master Data

For a joint venture project, a new field JV Type is introduced in Project Control and Work Package apps. This indicates the type of joint venture such as corporate, operated or non-operated ventures within the joint operating agreement (JOA).This field is auto-populated based on the selected Joint Venture and cannot be changed at work package level.

Investment Profile Available in Mass Changes App, Migration Object and API

With this feature, you can edit the Investment Profile field with the Mass Changes to Projects app. The field is also available in the Enterprise Project service (API) and in the Enterprise Project migration object.

The Enterprise Project service now provides the Investment Profile property for projects.This interface is also available in the SAP API Business Hub (https://api.sap.com/)

Enhanced Import Parameters of Validation/Determination Cloud BAdIs in Project Definition

Validation / Determination Cloud BAdIs now have additional import parameters which provide the attributes of the root and parent element both in Draft mode and on Save. This enables faster project structuring process and prevent any human error.

  • The new import parameter added in the validation/determination BAdIs (/S4PPM/PROJECT_DETERMINATION and /S4PPM/PROJECT_VALIDATION) is ISDRAFT2.

  • The new import parameters added in the validation/determination BAdIs (/S4PPM/PROJ_ELMNT_DETERM and /S4PPM/PROJ_ELMNT_VALIDATION) are ISDRAFT and PARENTENTERPRISEPROJECTELEMENT

Active Projects in My Projects Apps

In the My Projects apps, active projects now include not only partially released, released, and locked projects, but also projects with the processing status Completed.

This feature applies to the following cards in the My Projects – Project Manager and My Projects – Steering Committee apps:
Upcoming Milestones
Overall Status
Detailed Status
Cost to Date
Cost to Date – Timeline

It also applies to the My Projects – Upcoming Milestones and My Projects – Detailed Status apps.

Validation for Open Time Postings

You cannot change the project status from 'Released' to 'Completed', if there are any open time postings on the project or work package. This validation is relevant for APIs, Project Control, Project Planning, and Project Builder apps.

IAM Objects in Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management

Changes to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) objects delivered for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management require you to recheck your business roles and the business catalogs assigned to them. Ensure that the restrictions included in the business catalogs are set correctly to allow your users to use their business apps as needed.


Business benefits

  1. Operational flexibility

  2.  Easy to implement work package level controls

  3. JVA reporting simplified

  4. Effective data migration support.

Happy Consulting and stay informed about latest cloud updates.