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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
EHS incident management involves recording, analyzing, and reporting on incidents, safety observations, and near misses and performing an incident investigation to ensure compliance with safety measures and mandates.

  • Simplify employee participation across multiple devices.

  • Offer a comprehensive incident management process that enables subject-matter experts to thoroughly respond to, investigate, analyze, correct, prevent, and report incidents.

  • Use predictive data to drive preventive actions, thereby reducing the likelihood of incidents.

In this blog series, I will give you an expert view, from product experts to product experts, of some selected highlights for the Environment, Health, and Safety of our SAP S/4HANA 2021 release. All these innovations will also be available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition.

The blog is built as a series of 2 parts and present the key highlights for:

In this second blog, you can find information on functions that are used by Incident Management. This component provides you with methods for processing incident data. After initial reporting, you can collect additional information from the people involved, investigate why an incident occurred, and track the financial impact on the organization and its assets. You can also assess risk, report data to internal and external stakeholders to fulfill legal, regulatory, and company reporting responsibilities, and analyze aggregated incident data.


For SAP, the importance of environmental, health, and safety is evident, and companies have begun to see the value of an integrated platform approach to solving EHS issues. The current situation regarding the coronavirus puts this in sharp focus and is forcing companies to rethink how they will operate going forward.

Creating a safety culture in the workplace means that all workers should be included in the safety and health program and the proposed solutions include incident management, health, and safety management, environmental management, management of change, and maintenance safety embedded in SAP S/4HANA, to deliver a harmonized platform and a single source of truth. This is about enabling a holistic approach to embed safety and operational risk management into all operations, making critical safety information available to all – top floor to shop floor, and enabling EHS practitioners to lead within their organizations.


Reporting to German Authorities

In Incident Management, you can generate reports that are necessary to fulfill legal, regulatory, or reporting requirements.

You can generate the following types of reports based on the data that you have processed in Incident Management:

Individual injury/illness reports

Used to report injury/illness cases to insurance companies or authorities, such as the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) in the United States and the Workers' Compensation Association for the Trade and Logistics Industry (BGHW) in Germany. You can generate the following report forms:

  • OSHA's Form 301 - Injuries and Illnesses Incident Report

  • BG Incident Report - Unfallanzeige

For more information about reporting to legal authorities, see Formal Reporting to Legal Authorities.

For more information about OSHA's Form 301, see Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Incident summary reports

Contain data of more than one incident, for example, a log of all incidents during the year that involves a specific injury. You can use the following report forms:

  • OSHA's Form 300 - Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

  • OSHA's Form 300A - Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

In the Manage Summary Reports app, you can manage incident summary reports that are based on legal standards. When generating an incident summary report, you have to select the location, including its sublocations, and the output format such as a PDF file (print version) or a CSV file.

Key Features

With this SAP S/4HANA 2021 release, you can generate an XML incident report for an injured person and send it via web link directly to workers' compensation associations in Germany.

The following improvements for the report to the German Authorities are delivered.

  • Updated Layout – based on the latest template from the German Authorities the layout of the form is updated. The texts of several fields are changed (updated fields are mostly 4, 7, 11, 13,20, 21). Additional options to provide insured person information in field 11 is added.

  • Data entry made easier

  • Improved data extraction

Picture 1: Updated Layout for the report to the German Authorities.

The following official SAP Note provides an overview of all changes and corrections which are delivered with this release: 3075361 - SAP Sammelhinweis für Unfallanzeige in EHS Unfallmanagement.

Legal Reports

With Incident Management in SAP S/4HANA 2021, an integration according to the SIGUV interface is supported which is used by a variety of German institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention (Berufsgenossenschaften) is delivered. An XML incident report for an injured person can be generated and sent via web link directly to the German authority.

Before an incident report in XML format is generated, the system performs certain checks in the background to ensure all required data is entered. The information which is not automatically retrieved from the incident or from the personal details has to be entered in the displayed dialog box.

Picture 2: Dialog box to enter missed information.

After the incident report is generated, the report can be sent to the German authorities by choosing the option Send via Web Service from the dropdown list.

If the report is successfully sent to the authorities, after selecting the report in the table, the Authority Report ID will be displayed.

The system will display a message to indicate whether the report has been sent successfully or not.

The Authority Report ID will be filled out after the successful shipment of the report.


EHS Material to substitute EHS Chemical

With this SAP S/4HANA 2021 release, you can use material data in Environment, Health, and Safety processes, such as setting up compliance activities and managing environmental releases. Materials are represented by the newly created master data object - Chemical Compliance Info. Chemical Compliance Info object is used to store Environment, Health, and Safety- and Product Compliance-relevant data for customer products and materials. It is a central object and serves as an integration point between the Environment, Health, and Safety and Product Compliance solutions.

Picture 3: You can use material data in Environment, Health, and Safety processes, such as setting up compliance activities and managing environmental releases.

Additional Details

You can view and create materials in the Manage Material Data (F4864) app. You can also specify the analytical composition with the substances that make up a material under the Analytical Composition section.

If the substance that you want to assign is not yet available in the system, you can use the Manage Substances Compliance (F2578) app to create it and give it a company-specific name. You specify whether you want to link the new substance to an existing listed substance or to a new one, so that substances are created in a consistent way in terms of identifiers, substance conditions, and substance group configurations.


You can choose if you want to use chemicals or materials in your EHS processes and switch between the objects as needed in customizing. The standard system is delivered with the Chemical Compliance Info object selected by default. The recommendation for the new customers is to start with the Chemical Compliance Info object. The possible switch is valid for Incident Management and Environment Management but not for Health and Safety solutions.

The "old" Chemical object will be deprecated in the next releases. Health and Safety solution still depends on this object.

The apps Manage Material Data (F4864) app and Manage Substances Compliance (F2578) app can be further used to create materials and substances. For this refer to part 1 of this series with additional details.


Thanks for reading this blog post. Stay tuned!

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