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In this blog post I’d like to outline the innovations for SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2202 in the area of Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management. These are the topics that are covered:


Watch my video to get a glimpse of the new features:



Enabling Service Performers to Book Their Time

Up until today, only internal employees had the possibility to use the ‘Manage My Timesheet’ application to book their time. With this release, though, we enable service performers who are booked on a purchase order which is account assigned to an enterprise project WBS element to make use of the same application in order to book their time.

These time bookings will be posted further in finance, so they will become available in your standard finance monitoring and reporting capabilities. Watch this demo to find out how the new functionality creates more transparency.


Figure 1: Manage My Timesheet’ application service performers can book their time in enterprise projects
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Display of Assigned Work Order Costs in a Project Cost Report

This innovation has actually already been released with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111, but it has only been covered from an Asset Management perspective. Check this blog post by my colleague Gerhard Welker who elaborated on this topic last quarter.

Coming to this innovation from an enterprise project perspective, we can display assigned work orders in a project cost report. Assigned orders can be viewed in the project hierarchy with a combined display of aggregated and non-aggregated baseline. You can view the ongoing and actual maintenance order costs with planned and actual costs of WBS elements.

Watch the demo video below to see how these right-time insights and the direct access cost details of assigned orders helps to minimize budget overruns.


Figure 2: Display of assigned work order costs in a project cost report helps minimize budget overruns
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Enable Approval Workflow for Enterprise Projects

Before releasing a project, it’s crucial to get the approval first. Having a workflow in place will help you seeking the required approval. With an active workflow, the project is not released immediately, but the status is set to ‘Release in Approval’. The respective approver, e.g. a project manager, will get a notification via the inbox where the project release can be accepted or rejected as well as commented. We even allow for multiple approval steps.

Workflows can be set by business process experts. The criteria based on which the business process expert can set the workflow are:

  • Company Code

  • Cost Center

  • Profit Center

  • Project Type

The approver can be configured based on role or team. For enterprise projects following business roles can be involved as an approver:

  • Project Financial Controller

  • Project Procurement Controller

  • Project Manager

  • Project Steering Member

If you want to see how this innovation Improves visibility among stakeholders and creates transparency for decision-making you can watch this demo video.


Figure 3: Approval workflows improve visibility and transparency across stakeholders who are involved in enterprise projects.
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Archiving of Enterprise Projects

So far, there was no possibility to archive enterprise projects. With this release, we allow for archiving projects which helps you to keep track of critical projects.

When you archive an enterprise project, the following information is being archived:

  • Project header data, including entitlements, milestones & status values, as well as and it's WBS elements' data

  • Change documents

  • Planned costs for the project and it's WBS elements

In order to archive a project, a data privacy specialist can archive closed enterprise projects with the ILM object “/S4PPM_PRO”. Retention rules and residence rules can be created to save additional amount of time. We support archiving of all types of enterprise projects without project demands scenario.


Figure 4: Archiving projects helps you to better track critical projects
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Display of Settlement Documents Linked to Enterprise Projects

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2202, we enable the display of settlement documents which are linked as part of enterprise projects.

While we’ve allowed for settlements in general a while back, we now also allow for an easy navigation, for example via the ‘Project Control’ application to directly jump to the settlement documents which are linked as part of a project.

From here you can consume the document details, analyze them and do follow-ups quickly.

The following project profiles are supported:

  • Investment Projects

  • Overhead Projects

  • Projects with Revenue

Fig. 5: Easy navigation via ‘Project Control’ application to the ‘Settlement Documents’ application
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Enhancements to Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management – SD Integration 

With the integration of sales order and enterprise projects which we have introduced with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005, you can assign sales order items to billing elements. When account assigning them, you can derive profitability characteristics directly from the sales order. This saves manual effort for revenue recognition postings and on top you also get real-time insights into revenue recognition data and profitability.

Since the initial integration, we have delivered many item categories to support various business scenarios. With this release, we release two additional item categories which are CB1C and CB2C to support third party variant configuration with / without shipping notification scenario. These two new item categories can be used seamlessly to fulfill the above scenarios.

Fig. 6: New item categories to support 3rd party variant configuration with / without shipping notification scenarios
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Manage Attachments for Projects and WBS elements via API

Until today, with the APIs of the communication scenarios SAP_COM_0308 and SAP_COM_0054 can be used to create, read, update or delete projects and WBS elements. However, these scenarios have not yet considered attachments projects or WBS elements.

With this release, you can manage attachments of projects or WBS elements using the communication scenario SAP_COM_0308 and SAP_COM_0054. More precisely, you can:

  • Create, read, update or delete files or URL link as attachment to a project or a WBS element with communication scenario SAP_COM_0308

  • Create, read, update or delete files or URL link as attachment to a project or a WBS element with communication scenario SAP_COM_0054

Fig. 7: Manage Attachments for Projects and WBS elements via API
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Enable Custom Fields for Professional Services Projects in OData API Enterprise Project

The OData API ‘Enterprise Project’ enables you to create, read, update, or delete both enterprise projects and professional services projects. But so far, only custom fields for enterprise projects, meaning fields created in business contexts ‘Project Header’ and ‘Project Element’, have been supported by this API.

With the new release, the ‘Enterprise Project’ API additionally supports custom fields for professional services projects, meaning fields created in business contexts ‘Engagement Project’ and ‘Work Package’.

Firstly, by using the ‘Custom Fields’ application, you can use the business contexts ‘Engagement Project’ and ‘Work Package’ to create custom fields for professional services projects and work packages and you can enable these fields for the ‘Enterprise Project’ API.

Secondly, you can include custom fields from business contexts ‘Engagement Project’ and ‘Work Package’ when creating or updating professional services projects or work packages using the ‘Enterprise Project’ API.

Fig. 8: Extensibility of OData API ‘Enterprise Project’ allows you to add custom fields for professional services projects
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Deprecation of Project Builder Application

As we’ve been announcing the replacement of the ‘Project Builder’ application already a few quarters back, we have finally deprecated the application with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2202.

In order to manage the WBS element structure of enterprise projects and to maintain details of WBS elements, you will need to make use of the SAP Fiori applications ‘Project Control’ and ‘Project Planning’.

In case you want to read more about the deprecation, please read the blog post published by my colleague Sven Nachtigall.

Fig. 9: Make use of the ‘Project Planning’ application to maintain your project structure and WBS element details.
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Join the SAP Customer Influence Program for SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management

Last but not least, I’d like to make a call to action for all our customers and partners.

In mid-2021, we have established the SAP Customer Influence Program for SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management.

Join this program if you’d like to submit improvement request, vote on requests, and if you’d like to take part in regular online sessions which are taking place every 4-6 weeks. During those sessions, the submitted requests as well as possible solutions will be discussed. Moreover, you will get insights into planned functionalities.

Don’t miss this chance to provide your feedback and influence the product. Feel free to reach out to Nadia Razzaq (nadia.razzaq@sap.com) or Heike Wulf (heike.wulf@sap.com) if you’re interested to participate.

Please note that this program is dedicated to our Cloud development. If you have any requests for our on-premise solution, please provide them via our customer connection project by following this link.

Fig. 10: Join the SAP Customer Influence Program for SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management to influence the product.


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