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1. Sale of Products - Service Option [VP01]

 Business Process RequirementStock Transfer w/ VSiT  NEWStock Transfer w/o VSiT
Within one company codeSale from stock5MQ Sell from stock with valuated stock in transitBD9 Sell from stock
 Stock transfer 

SC10 Cross-plant stock transfer with direct posting

SC11 Cross-plant stock transfer with stock transport order

Cross-company code (between two countries)Cross-company sales from central stock5D2 Advanced intercompany sales (Updated April 2023)IC21 Sale from central stock
 Cross-company stock transfer5HP Advanced intercompany stock transferIC22 Sale from local stock
 Returns to Central Stock 

IC31L  Lean returns to central stock

IC31A  Accelerated returns to central stock

 Returns from Local StockIC32V Advanced returns from local stock (New April 2023)

IC32L  Lean returns from local stock

IC32A  Accelerated returns from local stock

 Debit and credit memosIC23 Intercompany Debit and Credit Memos
 Matching and reconciliationIC40 Intercompany Reconciliation

Note: Scope items listed in blue are specific to the enterprise management layer

More information for VSiT is available in the following SAP notes:
3226658 – SAP S/4HANA 2022: Restrictions and General Information for Sell from Stock with Valuated S...
and 3226683 – SAP S/4HANA 2022: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Sales
and 3226677 - SAP S/4HANA 2022: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Stock Tra...

The standard SAP Best practices scope item 5D2 is not compatible with the ‘classic’ Intercompany processes if you strictly apply the configuration provided by SAP Best Practices. If you choose not to include our service options VP01, VP06, and/or VP07, you can activate 5D2 yourself based on the setup guide provided by SAP Best Practices. The basic configuration for 5D2 is included in our standard scope.

Service Option [VP01] enables both scenarios 5D2 (adapted to EML) and IC21 – Intercompany sales with and without VSiT. With our FPS01 (April) release of EML, it is now possible to use both scenarios in parallel based on a new item category that we added.

In our previous 2022 FPS00 (March 2023) release of EML it was not possible to run both in parallel, as both are triggered by the same combinations of sales order type / item category. We provide documentation that guides you in activating 5D2 (for example in a second client), but also how to switch back to IC21. If both processes are required, additional configuration is required.

2. Sale of Services - Service Option [VP07]

 Business Processes
Within one country

41Z Service Order Management

3XK In-House Repair

Cross-Company (DE and US)

SRV10 I/C Billing of Service and Repair Orders based on I/C Cost Allocation

SRV20 Intercompany Billing of Service Orders (new in release 2023)

3. Billing of Projects - Service Option [VP06]

 Business Processes
Within one country

PS20 Projects with Fixed Price Billing

PS21 Projects with Resource-Related Billing

Cross-Company (between 2 countries)

PS22 Projects with Fixed Price and Intercompany Billing

PS23 Projects with Resource-Related and Intercompany Billing

* Scope items listed in blue are specific or adapted to the enterprise management layer.

Find out what else is NEW in release 2022 and in release 2023 of the enterprise management layer.