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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The objective of this blog post is to explain the newly delivered enhancements for lease accounting in SAP Business ByDesign 2102.

1. Reopen a lease contract

It happens, that by mistake a lease contract was closed, although some amendments are still needed. With release 2102 we introduce a new action to reopen a lease contract. You can only reopen a lease contract if the corresponding ROU asset(s) is/are not yet retired. Only in this case the action will be active in a lease contract with status Closed.

You can check if a lease contract can be reopened in the Lease Contract Management work center under the Lease Contract view. Select a closed lease contract and click on Edit.

2. Search for Lease Posting Run(s) of a lease contract

Sometimes it is necessary to know which lease posting runs include postings of a specific lease contract. As an example, you need to reverse all postings due to a mistake in the lease contract. With 2102 you are now able to search for all lease posting runs of a lease contract number.

You can search for the runs in the Lease Contract Management work center under Periodic Tasks - Lease Posting Run. Just enter a lease contract number in the Search field and start the search.

3. Execute a Lease Posting Run for Initiation, Clearing or Closure postings

It is now possible to define a lease posting run in such a way that only

  • the opening balance for the lease liability and ROU asset gets posted (Initiation),

  • the interest expense and lease liability repayment get posted (Clearing),

  • or the retirement of the ROU asset gets posted (Closure)

by the run.

You can define a new run in the Lease Contract Management work center under Periodic Tasks - Lease Posting Run. Click on New - Lease Contract Posting Run and under Control Parameters you can now define which postings shall be generated by the run.

4. New Lease Contract Processing Run

You can now use the new Lease Contract Processing Run to do a mass processing of lease contracts. By the run you can

  • valuate,

  • release,

  • or close

several lease contracts automatically. This can be useful in case you create a high number of lease contracts for example by the ManageLeaseContractsIn web service.

You can define a new run in the Lease Contract Management work center under Periodic Tasks - Lease Contract Processing Run. Click on New and under Control Parameters define which processes shall be executed by the run.

5. Improvements in Lease Accounting reports

In the Lease Contract Valuation Cash Flow report, we have added in our standard view Cash Flow Lines by Object Item the Posting Status.

In addition, you can add the Net Present Value key figure.

The Version ID characteristic can now be added in all lease contract reports:

  • Lease Contracts

  • Lease Contract Payment Schedule Lines

  • Lease Contract Valuation Cash Flow

This explanation shall help you to understand why the enhancements for lease accounting were introduced and how to use them.