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In this blog, We will discuss the enhanced Monitor Purchase Order Items app, Which includes  additional fields relevant for monitoring the open order confirmations from supplier via Inbound Delivery(LA) and Order Acknowledgement(AB) dates and quantities shall be displayed for the purchaser to monitor the supplier's acknowledgement, inbound delivery notification and schedule lines effectively.

  • Next Inbound Delivery

  • Next Order Acknowledgement

Release: From S/4HANA 2308 onwards*  & S/4HANA OP 2023 onwards

Business Case:

Purchasers monitoring the open purchase order items would like to ascertain the latest delivery date confirmed by the supplier. This information is crucial and could be used in planning purpose such as production, warehouse storage arrangements and coordinating goods receipt of the items.

Note: Enhanced limits or Service not supported.

Points to Note:

Acknowledgement & Inbound delivery date:

  1. Supplier Acknowledgement, Inbound delivery, dates and quantities received early will be displayed against the purchase order line item until the Goods receipt is fulfilled for the complete quantity.

  2. In case of partial goods receipt is done against the Inbound delivery notification created for Purchase Order then the difference of the remaining quantity and the date would be shown.

  3. Once the goods receipt is completed against the inbound delivery received early, then the next available inbound delivery and acknowledgement date and quantity would be shown.

Color Coding:

  1. Colour coding for Schedule line date and Quantity fields, which are due (Later, today) would be updated to default black colour.

  2. When Order Acknowledgement date/ Inbound delivery date matches the Schedule line date, the Order Acknowledgement date / Inbound delivery date would be displayed in Green.

  3. When Order Acknowledge date/ Inbound delivery date received earlier than the schedule line date, the Order Acknowledgement date / Inbound delivery date would be displayed in Orange.

  4. When Order Acknowledgement date/Inbound delivery date received later than the schedule line date,the Order Acknowledgement date / Inbound delivery date would be displayed in Red.

  5. Quantity info for Schedule line, Inbound delivery, and Order Acknowledgement fields would be shown in the default black Colour.

Scenario Flow:

The below example illustrates the use of the above mentioned new fields

 Step 1: Purchase order: 4500043074 created with order quantity: 50, where the deliveries are requested to deliver in three parts based on the schedule line info.


Step 2: "Monitor Purchase Order Items" App displays only the immediate expected delivery based on the schedule line which is due or Overdue in Next Schedule Line Date and Next Schedule Line Quantity Fields.


Step 3: Supplier Acknowledgment received in earlier date from supplier for partial quantity:15 on 26/07/2023 would be displayed in Next order Acknowledgement Date and Next order Acknowledgement Quantity.



Step 4: Inbound delivery notification received in earlier date for partial quantity of 5 on 26/07/2023 would be displayed on Next Inbound Delivery Date and Next Inbound Delivery Quantity.


Step 5: Good receipt done for Quantity-5 based on the inbound delivery confirmation from the supplier.

The Goods Receipt quantity is adjusted to account for the confirmed Inbound Delivery Quantity, Order Acknowledgement Quantity, and Schedule Line Quantity. Only open quantities are displayed on the Purchase Order Items.


Note: Once the open schedule line quantity is fully received, then the next open schedule line quantity is automatically shown and displayed in the application.



All views expressed in this blogs are my own, it may also subject to change.