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The transition period after UK leaving the EU is planned to end at 31.12.2020. This will also have an impact on Intrastat Reporting in SAP Business ByDesign. Although negotiations between UK and EU are ongoing and not all the details are known, we would like inform you about the main aspects provided by SAP Business ByDesign.

As you know, SAP Business ByDesign has withdrawn further support of Intrastat-related changes in 2015. So from 2015 onwards, the use of Intrastat was only possible with the help of add-ons [see 3 different types A,B,C which you find in the picture below].

Nevertheless, after the end of the transition period for UK, SAP Business ByDesign will continue filling the Intrastat Item Work List (Intrastat Valuation Business Object) with the relevant product-related documents (e.g. deliveries/invoices) needed for inner EU trade and customs zone Intrastat reporting. The Intrastat Item work list will hold only data for inner EU trade to keep it consistent - also for all other EU countries [see also left dark yellow box in picture below].

The Northern Ireland Protocol was introduced as part of the Withdrawal Agreement and this means together with the limited support:

  • the Northern Ireland region of UK would be still considered as part of the EU trade and customs zone for which Intrastat Items Work List will be filled.

  • To identify the Northern Ireland region, we plan to use the postal codes. We recommend to customers to ensure that the postal codes are duly maintained in the address definitions. Please also refer to the overall blog for impact of End of transition period

  • Specific Intrastat Declaration and files for Northern Ireland will not be provided.

  • The deliveries/invoices from/to other regions of UK (England, Scotland and Wales) will be excluded from the Intrastat Items Work List and with this also Intrastat Declarations for UK cannot not be created any more.


Beyond this, there is no additional activity planned from the SAP Business ByDesign.


This means,

  • Intrastat declarations for UK are only possible for the periods before the end of the transition period (e.g. 31.12.2020) [see right dark yellow box in picture above]

  • Potential Intrastat declarations for Northern Ireland must be handled with an add-on (type A or B) [see yellow boxes in picture above]. We recommend to customers to reach out to their partners for support

  • Intrastat-like reporting requests from UK must be covered with an add-on outside the Intrastat Item Work List (type A) [see left light yellow box in picture above]. We recommend to customers to reach out to their partners for support