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In this blog post, I'd like to do a deep dive into a specific aspect of the Employee Central - Business ByDesign Integration : the Rehire of employees.

In the employee central system, once an employee is terminated, there are two options to Rehire the employee - The Rehire Employee, and the Rehire with new Employment.

Successfactors Employee Central: Rehire Inactive Employee


The Rehire Employee option re-activate existing inactive employment, which means that the data from the previous employment can be seen in the system.

The Rehire with New Employment creates a new Employment record, and is the recommended option if the inactive employment should be shielded from users of the rehired employee's new organization.

Prior to the 2008 release of Business ByDesign, the standard integration supported only the Rehire Employee option. With the 2008 release, the Rehire with New Employment is also supported.

Now, ByDesign having an HR system of its own, has different rules under which it creates a new employment and work agreement records.

Rehire to a new Company : In ByDesign, the Employment record houses the company of employment, and is not date dependent. So a new employment record is created only the employee is rehired to a new company. A creation of a new employment record automatically means a new work agreement is created, reflecting the start date of the assignment to the new company.

Rehire to the same company: If the employee is hired to a the same company in the employee central system, the employment record in ByD stays the same. The effect on the work agreement depends on the date of rehire:

  1. If the employee's rehire event starts immediately after the termination event date ( for example, the termination date being 31st July 2020 and Rehire date being 01 August 2020), there would be no effect on the work agreement in ByDesign. The first working day under the rehire scenario immediately follows the date of termination, ByDesign recognizes this continuity of work and records no impact. If the employee is employed to a new manager or new cost center in the Rehire event, this is reflected appropriately in the Organizational Assignment sections.

  2. If there is a gap (of at least one day) between the termination date and the subsequent date of rehire, only then will a new work agreement be created in ByDesign.