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Dear All,

first of let me thank all for a nice response to my previous blog on this exciting topic of Employee Central, its localization and integration with Employee Central Payroll (SFSF EC Payroll). 1529 Views, not bad!!


So what has changed in last 9 months. The obvious answer is that there are 3 more releases after b1302. What is more important to note regarding the Localization capabilities of Employee Central is that it supports 58 countries after release b1311. Pretty big number, eh!!. There are many products which claim that they are localized. But we are not just talking about translation here. Employee Central is localized with respect to country-specific languages, date and number formats, masterdata for address, national ID, national ID validations, global information, disability information, dependents information, country specific reports and so on.The third layer comes from deeper localization in countries by building country specific functionalities. 


Being part of SAP globalization services, there is an inherent advantage of having a very good country knowledge base with the strong local product management group that we have. This helps in building functionalities from scratch and not just localizing them. Thus we have contributed significantly by enhancing Employee Central with functionalites like Income Tax Declarations for India, Advances, Recovery and Deductions. The localization capabilities of Employee Central are very strong at the moment and we are continously enhancing them.


Watch out this space when in my next blog I talk about a very big functionality and the approach we took to build it.


Moving to Payroll side, SFSF EC Payroll is now available for 25 countries with b1311. And the functionalities mentioned above are also integrated with EC Payroll.


There is a very exciting roadmap coming up for Employee Central  and the SFSF EC Payroll in coming releases. More information later!!!




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