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You know all about the benefits of employee and manager self-service: reduced cost of HR administration and average time spent by employees on HR issues, increased efficiency and quality of HR processes, increased employee satisfaction with HR services… You’ve even heard that SAP has a brand new UI with lanes to group information and services that is bound to please your people. And then there are the Fiori apps for using self-services on the road. But you don't know where to start with what seems like a huge project…

You don’t need to bite off more than you can chew: The SAP Employee and Manager Self-Service rapid-deployment solution can help you define a manageable project and implement it in a predefined timeframe. Once you’ve rolled that out and got acceptance from your organization and users, there’s nothing to stop you building on your success and adding more.

There are three versions of the SAP Employee and Manager Self-Service rapid-deployment solution available now. Each runs on a different enhancement package of SAP ERP 6.0: EHP 5, EHP 6 and, as of July 14 2014, EHP 7. Pick the one that suits your HR landscape. Because you predefine the scope of your project within the framework of the rapid-deployment solution and because we deliver preconfigured content and best practices, we can cut your project time by up to 40%.

I’ll focus on our newest version which runs on EHP 7 and is based on HR Renewal 2.0 SP0. Your employees have instant access to all their personal data and, depending on which parts of SAP ERP Human Capital Management you have running in the backend, you can provide them with self-services for requesting leave, requesting approval for their working time, performing certain HR processes, viewing a team calendar, registering for training, receiving reminders and much more. They can personalize their page, choose which lanes to display, access favorites and subscribe and unsubscribe to applications and reminders.

In addition to the services and applications available to them as employees of your company, managers have further options to help them carry out their job: applications to approve leave requests, travel requests, timesheets and so on, applications to manage their team as an organizational unit and on an individual team member level, talent management services for managing the team’s compensation, learning, development and performance, KPIs to track, reminders about HR processes to perform… A one-stop shop for all their HR activities as a manager.

You can deploy self-services on your existing SAP NetWeaver Portal, an SAP NetWeaver Business Client or even on a Microsoft SharePoint Portal. Our rapid-deployment solution methodology provides a step-by-step guide through the entire implementation process from learning about the contents of the solution, through choosing your options, to activating the preconfigured content, testing the solution and going live. Whether you perform these steps with SAP Consulting or with a qualified SAP partner is up to you. You will be able to go live in a maximum of 10-12 weeks depending on the options you choose.

Of course, you may already be using certain applications on SuccessFactors and be wondering: how do I get those to show up in my employee portal? We provide you with documentation so you can set up your own UI links to SuccessFactors. And what about the Fiori apps for employee and manager self-services? They would be cool to have. Well, once you’ve set up your self-services in the SAP Employee and Manager Self-Service rapid-deployment solution, you can deploy the SAP Fiori Apps rapid-deployment solution and specific HR Fiori apps, based on the self-services you have implemented, will run out of the box.

So if you have implemented SAP ERP HCM on EHP 5, 6 or 7 but haven’t yet activated self-services, be sure to check out the SAP Employee and Manager Self-Service rapid-deployment solution.