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In cloud there is always a need to have a easy and fast way to update your master data. Price you want to charge your end customer depending on your industry might be changing one in a while or almost everyday. This means that the solution should provide you various tools which you can use depending on your needs to make sure that you are able to change your prices in time every time without delay.

There are four major ways of creating and managing your pricing data in the system. For details on each please refer to build in HelpCenter of SAP Business ByDesign.

Please note since Pricelist and Discount List use the same technical object these methods are applicable to both price and discount list.


This is easy and convenient way to create and maintain prices. Typically this would suit you if you have less frequent changes to your price data and not of the entire pricelist.

Recommend option for when price list is not greater than >9999  items in the price list.


Use mass change option to mark up/down prices.

You can mark them either by a % or fixed amount and define rounding rules when system adjusts them.



Migration Workbench

Its very rare that migration workbench provides an option to maintain master data. In Business ByDesign we provide an option not only to create new pricelist for migration but as lot of customers work with huge list of prices its not possible to maintain and update them online we have provided them to update the existing prices via migration workbench.

Recommend option for when changes are less frequent but when changes do happen almost the entire pricelist needs to be updated,


Migration workbench is best suited if your pricelist is in the range of <10000  and >20000 items in the pricelist and dont have many user extension fields. Also since migration workbench has list of all price elements the user needs to be expert in knowing the combination of pricing elements to update the correct pricelist.

Please note all updates via migration workbench dont go through approvals.

Microsoft Excel write back 

Due to volume limitation and usability of migration work bench we also provide maintenance via write back excel template.This is an easy way to create and maintain prices in Business ByDesign by the Microsoft Excel add In that ByD provides.This is recommended when the frequency of change is high and end user need to download the pricelist from the system , change the prices in excel and save it back to By Design.This provides a seamless way of updating the prices in the system while operating in the comfort of excel.

Recommend option for when changes are frequent and end user is familiar with excel environment.This this excel template will only have fields which are relevant this is easy for the end business user to work with.


Microsoft Excel is best suited if your pricelist is in the range of <20000  and >50000 items in the pricelist.


For high volume it is recommend that webservices should be used for creating, reading and maintaining the pricelist. This gives the system more time to process data.

The consumption of these webservices in documented and is available both in Cloud Studio and also in Service Explorer.

We have following webservices available for pricelist.

  1. ManageSalesPriceListBundle - To create and update sales price lists or sales discount lists.

  2. QuerySalesPriceListIn - This can be used to query to Price List. You can either query a pricelist by its ID and get all the items which are part of the pricelist or you can send a product and system will return all the pricelist that product is a part of.

Example Request to get all pricelist where a product is available.

SAP recommends that based on your size of pricelist, frequency of change please choose one of these options to maintain your pricelist.