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The duplicate check feature allows the user to see whether potential duplicates exist for any master data records. If duplicate records exist, the user then has the flexibility to either make changes(or correct the duplicate error) to these records or to use these duplicate records to create new ones. The architecture is designed in a generic way such that duplicate check functionality is re-usable and thus both Product Master and BP applications such as Manage Customer Master and Manage Supplier Master in SAP S/4HANA Master Data Management uses the same.


When creating a new master data record, on the detailed page of the draft, you will see the Check button. On using the button, the following actions are performed:

  1. The app performs functional checks on the records and displays errors, if any.

  2. The application will show the list of potential duplicates that exist for the current draft record, ff the functional checks are completed without errors.

  3. In the dialog box that opens after the checks are executed successfully, the details of the current draft record is shown first, followed by the list of top potential duplicate records that match the current draft record.

For the potential duplicates, the application also displays a match score which indicates the percentage(probability of match) up to which the duplicates are similar to the current record.


You also have the option to navigate to the potential records using the hyperlinks provided for the Business Partner ID. When you choose the Business Partner ID of a potential duplicate, the application lists further details of the record in a pop-over window.


Checks During Creation of Draft Record

In case you did not use on the Check button while creating a draft to check for potential duplicates or to perform functional checks, the application will notify whether there are any potential duplicates when you try to Save the record. During this time, you have the option to use the Check button to view the list of duplicate records or you can proceed with the current draft by choosing the Save button again to save your changes.


Checks During Editing of Draft Record

While editing a draft record, using the Check button only performs functional checks. There is no check for duplicates records at this point in time. The application will execute functional checks to ensure that there are no errors in the draft.


List of Fields(rename as attributes) on which Check for Potential Duplicates is Performed

The application performs the check for potential duplicates based on the values of the following fields:

  • Basic Details:

    • First Name (When Business Partner category is Person)

    • Last Name (When Business Partner category is Person)

    • Name 1 (When Business Partner category is Organization)

    • Name 2 (When Business Partner category is Organization)

    • Name 3 (When Business Partner category is Organization)

    • Name 4 (When Business Partner category is Organization)

    • Search Term 1

    • Search Term 2

    • Business Partner Category


  • Identification details:

    • ID Type

    • Identification Number

  • Address details:

    • House Number

    • Street

    • City

    • Country

    • Region

    • Postal Code

    • Post Box

    • Post Box City



A user can control the fields that should be visible on the search results when performing a check for duplicate records. Using the Settings control on the duplicate check window, the user can decide which among the total set of fields should be visible and also decide the position of these fields on the duplicate check window(would be easy if mentioned as bullet points). Note that these settings would be specific to the user.

In total, eight fields can be displayed. By default, for any user the application displays six fields on the search results window. However, using Personalization feature, the user can decide to increase or decrease the number of fields displayed, as well as their positions on the duplicate check window, based on requirements.

The fields that are displayed by default are:

  • Business Partner ID

  • Name

  • House Number

  • Street

  • City

  • Country

Additionally, the fields Postal Code and Region are also available.