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Hi everyone,

There is a new functionality for the Account Balances and Auxiliary Accounts regarding the plus and minus sign inversion in these reports. In this blog post, we will go through:

  • Some background information

  • How it was before the new functionality

  • What SAP is delivering

  • How to enable this feature

  • More information about the topic

Background information

In SAP S/4HANA, due to technical reasons, the balance of G/L accounts of nature A (abono) are stored and displayed with the minus sign.

By consequence, these accounts are also reported with minus sign in the Electronic Accounting reports for account balance and auxiliary account.

Our experience showed that customers that directly submit the files to SAT (local authority) do not have issues with this behavior. However, the customers that send the files to be approved and submitted by an authorized partner (PAC) may be requested to invert the signs to avoid any misunderstanding from the local authority.

Because of this, it was understood that the file can either be submitted with the minus or plus sign, depending on the interpretation for the company or authorized partner. Therefore, the new solution focus on this customizing functionality, in which the customer decides the sign option.

How it was

Previously to this update, the behavior of the fields was made inside the CDS I_FinancialStatementRptgLogC and, because of this, the sign was always inverted when the G/L Account was type A.

What SAP is delivering

  • From now on, the sign will not be inverted when the G/L Account type is A by default.

  • We have created a new class with a new method that is used as inline function:

This new method has the following parameters: I_BALANCE_AMOUNT, I_GL_ACCOUNT_TYPE and I_CHANGE_BALANCE_SIGN.

To understand better: if I_GL_ACCOUNT_TYPE is equal ‘A’ and the I_CHANGE_BALANCE_SIGN parameter is marked, the balance will be inverted, otherwise it will stay the same.

  • We have changed the mapping of the report definition for the reports:

The mapping of the fields <Starting Balance> and <End Balance> has changed to use Inline functions instead of QueryColumn, which uses a class method that receives its parameters from other mappings of the report definition (QueryColumn, ReportParameter, and others).

This Inline function will consume the query column of:

  • Starting Balance or End balance.

  • new report parameter: MX_CHANGE_ACCOUNT_BALANCE_SIGN.

  • The query column for G/L Account Type.

How you can enable this feature

  1. Go to SPRO transaction.

  2. Click on SAP Reference IMG. Path: Financial Accounting or Financial Accounting (New) > Advanced Compliance Reporting > Setting Up Your Compliance Reporting.

  3. In <Define Compliance Reporting Entities> select your Reporting Entity.

  4. Select <Enter Parameters Specific to Reporting Entity>.

  5. Once you have selected it, Add the new parameter: MX_CHANGE_ACCOUNT_BALANCE_SIGN.

  6. Choose the date you want this feature to be valid.

  1. On the column Low, fill with value X or let it empty.

Note: If the field has the value X the reports Account Balances and Auxiliary Accounts will have the values of <Starting Balance> and <End Balance> inverted.

More information

For more information about the Auxiliary Report for Accounts, visit the report documentation in the SAP Help Portal.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud: help.sap.com/viewer/s4h_ce_mexico

SAP S/4HANA: help.sap.com/viewer/s4h_op_mexico

Do you have questions about eAccounting for Mexico in ACR? Check our SAP FAQ Note for eAccounting.


See you next time,


Ariel Dias


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