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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This blog describes the step by step process of downloading all the Fiori Application in English and Japanese (Other language can be downloaded using the same steps) from the SAP Fiori Apps Library.

Advantage of downloading all apps:
- Easier searching for applications especially when the system search is slow when a wildcard word search is used.
- When logged on to other language, it is sometimes challenging to find the applications.
- Business Roles and Catalogs related to the application can also be downloaded.
- For others who haveon-prem background, GUI applications in S4HC can still be searched using transaction codes.

- Fiori applications are being added and deprecated constantly so make sure to also update your own list.

Background: In S4HC, fiori applications are only searchable using their application names. Looking for apps using the name is easy however sometimes if you do not get the application name correctly, you may encounter challenges like application cannot be found. One of the few reason the application may not show is because you do not have the proper role assigned. Also, sometimes when we use a wildcard search,  the system do not show all the Fiori applications. You will keep on trying to search using search words one by one until you find the correct application. Which takes time. One difficulty I found when searching for a fiori app is when I am logged on to a different language for example Japanese. If I do not get the exact kanji words then the application sometimes do not show up. One of my tricks is to download all the Fiori applications both in English and Japanese and I just search the fiori application in my excel.

Whenever we access the Fiori apps library, the default language of the applications are in English

Below is the step by step on how I download all the apps for S4HC. Note that you can also download all the other apps (such as for on-premise).

1. Access the Fiori Apps Reference Library. (https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com/sap/fix/externalViewer/#)
Click on the Globe button and choose the language you want to download. Then select the All aps for SAP S/4HANA Cloud on the left side of the screen. In this example we are downloading apps in Japanese but other languages can be downloaded as well.

2. In the next screen that shows, select All apps. If you want to download only specific roles then you can choose by Line of Business or By roles etc.


3. Then select on List View on the bottom on the screen.


4. The screen will be change into list view. Then on the upper left corner, click on the overview dropdown arrow then select Fiori Launchpad Content in Japanese.

5. Below screen will appear showing the Fiori application name in both English and the selected language which is Japanese. All the details in this screen can be downloaded including the Technical Catalog, Business Catalog etc. Moreover, there are other columns hidden that can be selected and downloaded by choosing the settings button boxed in green on the upper right corner. Once you have selected the columns you want to download, proceed by click on the download button. 

6. All apps and details will be downloaded in csv. It is recommended to resave the file as an xlsx file. The excel on the start of this blog is an example of the file I have arranged to look better. Now I can search for applications easier from this file.

Hope this trick helps!