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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The first Engineer-to-Order end-to-end scenario Engineer Products and Systems - Project with Production (‏6GD‏) in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition 2302 is available now:

You may watch the whole end-to-end demo scenario step by step below:

Project Setup

In this activity, you may create a project with revenue with the project definition and WBS element using the Project Control - Enterprise Projects (F3215) app. Projects with Revenue allow revenue G/L journal entries postings after release.

Settlement Rule

The profitability segment characteristics can be maintained in the settlement rule, however running the settlement is not required anymore due to the direct attribution of cost postings.

Project Planning

You may create WBS elements for your project.

Describe Your Project

You may describe your project details; for example, such as milestones and other important information.

Preliminary Procurement

You may define demand for material in project stock which helps in planning, triggering, and monitoring preliminary procurement of long lead stock materials for enterprise projects. This process step results in the creation of Planned Independent Requirements (PIR). A demand represents a certain need of a WBS element at a certain time and a certain location.

Manage Material Coverage

You may display the stock and requirements situation for the raw material in the stock and requirements list after the requirements planning performed.

Convert Purchase Requisition into Purchase Order

You may perform this activity when you want to convert assigned Purchase Requisitions to Purchase Orders.

Post Goods Receipt

You may post the receipt of goods with reference to an existing purchase order.

Create Supplier Invoice

You may perform the invoice verification.

Create Sales Order with Project Stock and WBS Element Assignment

You may create a sales order with a sales order item. The sales order item is assigned to a WBS element.

Down Payment Processing

You may use down payment request or billing plans with your sales order. This demo shows an example of a down payment request.

Post Down Payment

You may post the down payment received from your customer.

Material Requirements Planning - Planning Strategy E2

You may produce for a WBS element based on the project requirement. You use the project structure for collecting costs and to drive manufacturing planning based on the associated sales order Items.

If you want to perform an availability check with replenishment lead times, then you may define in the MRP 3 screen and Sales: General/Plant screen in the availability check fields the option SP (Stock and Plan.Rec.).

Material Requirements Planning for Sales Order

You may start the MRP run for a sales order.

Procurement Process for Raw Material

Monitor Material Requirements

This process step shows you how to display the stock and requirements situation for a raw product in the stock and requirements list after the requirements planning is performed (in case the Bill of Material explosion during the MRP run has generated dependent requirements for the demand-driven planned components). If inventory does not cover the requirements, planned orders are created for in-house-produced materials or purchase requisitions for externally procured materials.

Purchase Order, Post Goods Receipt and Supplier Invoicing for Raw Material

You will watch that the Purchase Requisition has been converted to a Purchase Order for our raw material. Then the goods receipt happened and the supplier invoice was created.

Subcontracting with Plant Stock Components

You may display the stock and requirements situation for a semifinished product in the stock and requirements list after the requirements planning has been performed. Then you may use the Subcontracting Cockpit to create a delivery for your customer. Further in the process you may do the picking process and then post goods issue for the delivery. The receiving company is then doing the goods receipt for a purchase order and creating the supplier invoice.

Production of Finished Goods

You may create production order without external processing operation.

In the further process you may do the picking of components (not shown in my demo).

You may do the order operation confirmations (the confirmation documents the processing status of orders, operations, sub operations, and individual capacities). You may use this instrument for controlling orders. This scope item uses time event confirmation. After that you may post the goods receipt for the production order.

You may also create production orders for spare parts bundle.

Create Outbound Delivery

As a prerequisite the goods receipt was posted to the individual customer’s stock. Then you may create a delivery and pick deliveries. As a final step you may do the goods issue for the delivery. You may also bill a customer (I don't show this step anymore in the below demo).

Time Recording

You may enter the time recording for WBS Element using Manage My Timesheet (F1823) application. You can maintain the cost rate for the combination of activity type, company code and cost center using the app Manage Cost Rates - Services (F3161).

Monitor Projects


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