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You are already used to run Automated Note Search Tool to find missing notes on your system, but are you facing some problems using this tool to launch the processes created on P&F?

Don´t worry, we’ll clarify these doubts here.

As you might have checked, when launching wd appl. conf. ASR_PROCESS_EXECUTE_OVP_CFG from ANST, you get error message "Process  does not exist" (Message no. HRASR00_UI002):

(Just mention that if you don´t have wd. application configuration option on ANST, you should apply note ‘1976578 - ANST: Enabling the tool for tracing WD Application Configurations’.)

This error is due to the missing parameters, required to execute webdynpro application configuration ASR_PROCESS_EXECUTE_OVP_CFG.

You could follow next steps to use ANST recreating an issue on a process:

  1. Run Automated Note Search Tool (tx. ANST or ANST_SEARCH_TOOL)
  2. Select WD application configuration option and enter ASR_PROCESS_EXECUTE_OVP_CFG:
  3. Click on Start recording button:
  4. Add the missing parameters to the url opened on the browser.
  • To start a PA process, you will need parameters PROCESS, APPLICATION_TYPE, INITIATOR_ROLE and PERNR
  • To start a PD process, required parameters are PROCESS, APPLICATION_TYPE, INITIATOR_ROLE, OBJECT_TYPE and OBJECT_ID
  • To continue running a process already started, you will need to include parameter WI_ID, with the workitem id ready to be executed

    On this example,
    we are starting a PA process:
  1. Recreate the issue on the form (adobe, FPM or roadmap form):
  2. Go back to ANST and stop the trace
  3. Select relevant application components on the tree and click on Note Search button. Please note that taking into account the nature of the issue analyzed, you might need to select other relevant component, like PA-PA-XX (if issue is related to the update of an infotype), BC-WD-ABA (if issue is related to the WD), PA-PAO (if issue is related to roadmap forms) and so on:
  4. You will get the list of missing notes on the system:

And as ANST fanatics already know, KBA 1818192 contains all the important information to use this great tool.