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In today’s episode of the Education NewsCast, the hosts Thomas Jenewein and Christoph Haffner speak with Wai-Bin-Lai about Technology Adoption. Wai-Bin-Lai is director for enterprise technology adoption for GP Strategies in Europe and provides some interesting insights.


What does the term “adoption” mean?

With the emergence of technology, topics such as self-service on demand learning become more and more important. Today’s world is in a constant motion and the frequency of updates in technology has become very high. What is happening in the marketplace is that you have technologies nowadays which are embedded into applications and which are able to respond in real time. This way, a learning in the moment of need can take place.


Role of adoption platforms in the context of the digital transformation

The role of adoption platforms is a critical one. The way we retrieve information has radically changed over the past decade. With today’s technology, it is possible to find the right content and the right time via your smartphone, browser or whatever. So of course, the importance of adoption platforms is crucial.

Learning formats for Onboarding and Training of software users

Which format is best highly depends on the use case. When looking at a traditional ERP training for example, a bite size modality may suite best. When a colleague is stuck at a process for example, you do not usually want to trigger a 15 minute e-learning on that, as at this specific moment of need, you do not necessarily strive for a learning, but for a solution so you can execute the task.

So basically, it is about providing the right piece of knowledge at the right time.


Best Practises for the introduction of new technologies

When introducing new technologies, it is necessary to practice change management, which also means involving stakeholders and communicating transparently.

Furthermore, it is also important to also create proper content and to introduce the features, while the aspect of user experience must not be forgotten of course. User Experience plays a great role in this context. Image you download an application and generate a bad user experience in the first few seconds you use it – probably you will not tend to use it again.


Adoption at GP Strategies with SAP Enable Now

GP Strategies as certified SAP Partner focusses on large companies transformations. The company creates and maintains content in the scope of adoption and uses SAP Enable Now (SEN) as a Single Point Of Truth – one central and single place, where all knowledge can be found. They use it as a white-label under a so called Parther Managed Cloud (PMC) partnership with SAP  and have their own service name calles "GP Wise". In this case GP Strategies has an "own" SAP Enable Now Cloud and uses this to improve adoption at their customer projects.


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