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Are you working with an Israeli database, and would like to send your marketing documents with digital signature directly from SAP Business One?

With FP 2305 it is now possible!

In order to send marketing documents with digital signature process,contact Comsign company for details and commercial contract.

Then Make sure the SAP Business One EDF Backend service is up and running:

and that the Electronic Document Service (EDS) Dashboard → Protocol Connectors the SigningConnector-1 (PDFSign) is activated for the relevant databases:

Some settings should be be configured in Administration → System Initialization → PrintPreferences, it is recommended to select the checkbox When Adding Marketing Documents, Payments and Deposits, Use Attachments Folder as Default Path to Export PDFs and the checkbox Attach Exported PDFs to Marketing Documents, Payments and Deposits

Note! If those settings are not selected, you will need to create the document's PDF manually in order to initiate the digital signature process.

Additional settings should be configured in Administration → System Initialization → Document Settings → Electronic Documents → Electronic PDF Signatureset the following:

    • Enable the protocol.

    • Set the default eDoc generation type:

      • Not Relevant

      • Generate - The digital signing process is triggered automatically.

      • Generate - Later - The digital signing process is triggered only manually.

    • Processing Target Setup – Double click next to this filed and the Processing Targets for Protocol window is opened. In the Signing Connector v1 area set the following:

      • Select the Active checkbox.

      • Insert the information you got from Comsign company:

        • Service URL

        • Certificate ID

        • PIN Code
          These settings will be considered defined in user level in future versions.)

      • Set the figures for the signature location and size.

In Administration → System Initialization → Document Numbering set a series for digital documents and make sure to select the Digital Seriescolumn for that series.
Note! Only documents that are created in this specific series will be able to go through the digital signature process.



set a default eDoc generation type per customer in the customer’s business partner master data → eDocs tab. This can be changed in the document itself.

Create your document:

Go to Sales → A/R Invoice. Choose a customer and the relevant items/services.

Choose a digital series for the invoice.

In the Electronics Documents tab change the default eDoc generation type if needed, and you can see the document signing status and add the A/R invoice.

As a result the A/R invoice is added, and a PDF is created for the invoice and added in the invoice’s Attachments tab.

You can monitor the eDocs status in the Electronic Document Monitor window under Reports (NewIn ProcessAuthorized).

The PDF is sent to the Comsign server for digital signature process and is sent back with digital signature from Comsign server and updated in the invoice’s Attachments tab.

You can select the PDF in the attachment tab and choose to preview either the original PDF or the signed PDF.

If you open the signed invoice in the PDF exchange editor, you can click on the digital signature and see all the details.


The digital signature approves that the source who created the document is permitted and does not approve the content of the document.

Additional Information:

  • In the Electronic Document Monitor window, you can select any document and send it by e-mail. Choose You can Also button → Send via Outlook/SBO Mailer.

  • For eDocs that were set as Generate – Later eDoc generation type, you can select them all in the Electronic Document Monitor window and manually send them to digital signature process by choosing You can Also button → Generate.

  • Currently, you can only send A/R invoices and credit memos to digital signature process. Other marketing documents will be considered in future versions.

More information can be found in SAP Note: 3310648