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Before CE2105, user can only choose round numbers percentage for refund code which provided by standard content configuration, such as 10%, 20%, 50% etc.

Now, a new configuration step "Define Returns Refund Codes" is offered so that user can freely define specific percentages what they want, like 1% or 88%. This creates the flexibility in setting refund amount.

You can define the refund code via below steps.

  1. Open the ‘Manage Your Solution’ app via business role ‘BPC_EXPERT’.

  2. Choose ‘Configure Your Solution’, then choose ‘Sales’ as the Application Area and ‘Claims, Returns and Refund Management’ as the sub application area.

  3. Choose ‘Define Returns Refund Codes’ to configure.

  4. Here you can maintain the customized refund code and description.

To create the customized refund codes, you need to follow below steps.

  1. Open the ‘Manage Prices - Sales’ via business role ‘PRICING_SPECIALIST’.

  2. Create condition records for refund deductions. Use the following values:

Field Value
Condition Type DRE1 (Refund Deduction)
Condition Table 4AL
Refund Code <The refund code you defined>
Condition Amount <The percentage deduction from the paid sales net price>

Example: A returns and refund clerk must grant 65% of the order net value to the customer as a refund. As a business process configuration expert, you can define a refund code with the description 65% Refund. The pricing specialist then creates a condition record for the refund deduction and specifies the condition amount as -35% in the Manage Prices - Sales app.

As a result, when processing a customer return, the returns and refund clerk can select the defined refund code 65% Refund for each return item. The refund is then granted to the customer return through a credit memo. If the order item's net value is EUR 100, the customer receives EUR 65 as a refund.

After above steps, user can choose their own refund codes via the Manage Customer Returns app. And the refund amount will be calculated based on the customized refund code.