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In the Professional Services Industry, the S/4HANA user who is responsible for managing and controlling Projects often needs to carry out manual activities such as adding Roles and assigning Resources to Projects. This is often the most time-consuming activity that involves huge manual efforts and is a repetitive activity too. This was indeed the pain point of one the S/4HANA Cloud Customer, in the Professional Service Industry.

Let us take a detailed look at the use case and how this was handled using SAP Intelligent RPA

Use Case - For a given set of Customer Projects (either in ‘In Planning’, ‘Contract Preparation’ or ‘In Execution’)
- Multiple Roles are to be added for the selected Activity ID and Hours needs to be specified in the Project team tab
- Resource/Employee is then to be staffed against each of the newly added Role
- In case of Customer Projects in ‘In Execution’ stage, the employee also needs to be confirmed.

RPA Bot - The above use case was tackled using SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. An RPA Bot was developed that could replicate the job of adding Roles and assigning Resources to Project.

The RPA Bot first loops through the excel that has all the input data –> Project IDs, Employees, Activity IDs, Hours and updates the Customer Projects by adding Roles and assigning Resources/Employees and in case of Projects in ‘In Execution’ stage it also confirms the Resource and saves the Projects. In case a Project or Employee is not found, the Bot adds the information to the excel log and proceeds with the next Project ID row in excel. The Bot therefore can update multiple Projects with Roles and Staffing in very less time!

The Bot can be run both in attended or scheduled mode. This way, an RPA Bot can be used to augment human tasks and automates the processes of adding Roles and staffing Resources that saves a lot a manual efforts, time and costs!