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Purpose of the blog: This blog explains how you could view the Vendor Aging data in multiple time intervals using embedded SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) Dashboard in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Using the same data source it is possible that the end user could view the monthly and weekly report on the same dashboard and could get a quick overview of all payables for all the Suppliers in the preferred format.

Customer: s/4hANA clOUD ESSENTIALS customer ( Industry: Professional Services)

Use case/ Scenario: Vendor Aging Report for Accounts Payable with different aging intervals.

Here, the Customer wanted Vendor Aging Report with details of payable outstanding for different vendors by different aging intervals. This helps in identifying the negative trends in the total payable amount, the net due amount, and the overdue amount. Customer wanted the data per Vendor in a weekly and monthly view.

Business Problem: How to get the relevant data in multiple time intervals on same report?

Recommended Solution: From 1911, the S/4HANA Cloud Essential customers could leverage embedded SAC as a part of the existing license. The story/dashboard in embedded SAC is capable of addressing the above problem.

Manage KPIs and Reports App provides a flexible solution for building dashboards with Custom Analytical Queries. This is powered by embedded SAC and is accessible for the Role: Analytical Specialist (Business Catalog : SAP_CA_BC_SSB_PC) .

In this custom dashboard multiple instances of the same Query can be called with different aging intervals to meet the customer requirement.

Why a Custom report with embedded SAC?

For vendor aging reports there are standard reports available in S/4 Hana.

Aging Analysis

This standard report provides a single view of any aging interval either monthly or weekly. Also, the Suppliers listed are only Top 10. In this case, the Customer needs to view all the Suppliers.

Aging Reports for Accounts Payable

This is a pre-built SAC dashboard in S/4HANA Cloud for Aging Report for Payables displaying all the suppliers. In this report the details are available with a single aging interval (-say either 30 days (by default)). In this case, the Customer wanted to get a weekly and monthly view.

Data Source for vendor aging report : SAP delivered Analytical Query C_APJrnlEntrItmAgingGrid can be used for getting the Data. You could use the same to create the SAC dashboard

Limitations with SAP delivered Analytical query in this context

The data can be split with only 3 interval slots using the Standard Analytical Query (say- for 3 weeks or 3 months or depending on the days given) for the Vendor Aging Analysis. If the user needs more than 3, a Custom Analytical query has to be created.

Reference on how to create a Custom Analytical Query: https://blogs.sap.com?p=702


  1. Login with Analytical Specialist Role and access Manage KPIs and Reports app.

  2. Create custom Story by clicking on the ‘+’ button available on the Stories Tab. User can also find the pre-built dashboard delivered by SAP in this tab. Provide Title, Tag and Description in the Definition Tab and go to Configuration Tab.

  3. 3. Configuration tab provides the WYSIWYG editor to design the dashboard. As soon as the user clicks the tab, the systems flashes a pop-up to provide the data source. Select the Query : C_APJrnlEntrItmAgingGrid from the list.

    4. The system will prompt for Set Variables for the Query. Here provide the first aging interval ( Say monthly- 30, 60 and 90 ). Click on Set.

    5. Add the same data source again with a different set of variables. ( Say for weekly view- 7, 14 and 21 ) using Add or Edit Datasources


    6. With these 2 Data sources User can now add different Visualization object – chart / Table with a weekly and monthly consolidation of data.

    7. Add the visualization object :

    Click on Chart to add the same to the Lane. As soon as the chart is added the designer pane will be visible to add more details. User can choose from various chart types, change chart orientation, add / remove measures & dimensions and also add calculated measures using the Designer pane if needed.

    User can click on Styling to add further formatting. User could do More actions on the chart by selecting the More action button on the right. User could also select add tool tip , add hyper links etc..

    8. Link the Data Sources so that the Data can be filtered across all objects on the dashboard using Link Dimensions.

    9. Activate the Story Board after making the required changes.

    10. User can also Add a Tile for the Dashboard.

    You could find the final report delivered for the above explained use case in the below snapshot.



    This blog also explains how the embedded SAC dashboarding capabilities can be leveraged for various analytical needs within S/4HANA Cloud. The S/4HANA Cloud comes with a huge list of standard report and KPIs. But in case if you need that flexibility to design your own dashboard you could explore this feature. The WYSIWYG editor for configuring dashboards is pretty self explanatory and easy to use.

    Hope this information will be useful to you. You could refer the below link for more details.

    Blog: S/4HANA Cloud embeds SAC

    Demo Video of embedded SAC