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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear SAP S/4HANA Cloud users,

We are currently in another “Review” phase for Customer Influence for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. This means that all improvement requests which have met the respective voting threshold of each area, will be reviewed and evaluated.

By end of April, the reviewed requests should be maintained with an individual status.

So far, we have been receiving 670 improvement requests and many votes which show us which enhancements and functionalities you are most interested about.

For transparency, below you can find an explanation what each status means:

Submitted: the initial status of your idea

Acknowledged: SAP confirms, your request is in the correct session and we’ve received your idea

Under Review: your idea has reached the voting threshold and is currently under review

Accepted: your idea has been “accepted,” and it is being considered for development

Planned for Portfolio: your idea has been “accepted” but requires a larger development capacity. We are planning to include it in an upcoming release (the standard SAP planning horizon is 4 quarters)

Not Planned: your idea will not be included in the product; this is usually because of product strategy, architectural or design issues, or customer-specificity of the request

Already Offered: the functionality is already included in the product

Delivered: we have included your requested functionality in the product

In the following we have listed all improvement requests from each area which have been positively answered, meaning the status is set to “accepted”, “planned for portfolio”, “delivered” or “already offered”:

Professional Services:

· Keep Filter for Open Resource Requests

· Billing document or preliminary billing document approval workflow

· Schedule requested resources directly without searching

· User friendly Set Service Price app for Project Service

· CDS view for consultant service prices especially for T&E project

· User Friendly app for "Maintain Activity Cost Rates"

· Sort Setting in timesheet approval screen is lost

· Permanently display information accessible via More Information Timesheet Approval

· Additional period selection for schedule missing timesheet email

· Add workpackage ID as field and selection criteria in purchase order account assignment

· Add substitute (proxy) functionality in approval of timesheets

· Define multiple persons for project to enable private view mode for a team of people

· App to review and report employee's 'own' hours

· Periodic Scheduling of Resources

· Timesheet Approval by Projects

· Set Service Price App to include Employee Name

· Option to set the substitution for time approvals on a Workpackage level

· (Copy) Note (50 characters) is too short in time recording (Copy to project services)

· Extended Selection Options in Release Billing Proposal APP

Sourcing and Procurement

· Restricting the ability to create a service purchase order without reference to a contract or req.

· A field in the Contract (Outline Agreement) that is visible in Purchase Order output

· Analysis of workflow for supplier invoices with multiple steps required

· System generated Email Notification for Purchasing Documents like Reqs, SES and Contracts

· Allow Material Batch in the Purchase Requistion and Purchase Order Fiori Apps for Create and Change

· Display Process Flow - Extend to Purchasing

Human Resources

· Customized rejection codes for Timesheets

· Note (50 characters) is too short in time recording


· Profitability segment stops G/L Upload for Revenue items

· Manage Chart of Accounts - Controlling Data

· Post Journal with reference functionality missing from "Post General Journal Entry" app

· Expand Journal Entry and Supplier Invoice upload limitation of 999 line items

· SSCUI for Bank Statement Search String

· Create Correspondence for a range of customers

· Selecting Filters at G/L Account Line

· Customer Credit Limit Data Migration tool

· Display the offset GL account

· Loading tool for chart of account

· Supplier Details do not appear on JE expense line items

· Substitution of G/L Accounts

· Preview Payment media during Payment Proposal

· Display Financial Statement APP - XLS Download

· Mass change of House Bank information payment run

· Open up API to allow upload of financial plan data

· One-Time Vendor is no supported in the "Create Supplier Invoice" app

· Payment Term deletion

· Filter Function to view parked journal entries by company code, user, date, etc

· Need applications to view and extract Cost Center and Profit Center change logs between dates

· Bank Chains required (for correspondent or intermediary banks)

· Advanced Compliance Reporting improvements - VAT returns - correcting journal postings


· Profit centre determination on settlement documents

· Contract type CQ “Quantity contract” not available for materials with item category group SERV

· Serial Numbers output on Billing form

· Product Hierarchy not available in S4HC

· Add BOM Sales and Distribution SD01

Production and Supply Chain

· BAPI for master recipe/ S/4HANA migration object for master recipe.

· Mass TECO

· Automatic Creation of Production Versions from valid BOMs and Routings

· Add storage bin to production order components

· Mass download BOM & Routing master data

Asset Management

· Self-service configuration for priorities

· Asset mgmt - Plant section and location config

· Maintenance order Collective confirmation not available in S4HC

Research and Development

· Advanced Variant Configuration - Add Product description into Simulate Configuration


· [SMA Solar] Approval request for IDoc communication

· IDoc COND_A for integration with on-prem legacy system

· Outbound white listed API for "Replicate Outbound Delivery to EWM" in Scope Item 2ZS

· Changes to Business Partner details

· Outbound API for sending Payment file from S/4 HANA Cloud to Bank under Scope Item 2YM

· Create API for Production Order Function (SAP S/4HANA Onpremise)

· New / changed API's should come with complete documentation and samples

· Enabling APIs for REM confirmations to allow automated receipts from production machines/scanning

· Request for activation of RFC usage for scope item 1Y5

· Inbound white listed API for Post goods issue/receipt against deliveries in Scope Item BMC

· Create API for Purchase Sequence (SAP S/4HANA Onpremise)

· Inbound White-listed API for capturing goods movement information from warehouse management


· Advanced Variant Configuration - Add Product description into Simulate Configuration

User Experience

· User Self Service for Date Format, Decimal Format

· Capability to force users out of the system when locking data and release the locks associated.

· Column "Data Source" for "Maintain Form Templates" app/view

· Multi channel communication options for "notifications"

· Maintain Print queues - Date Filter

· To have a differentiate between the Quality System (Non-Prod) & Production System in S4 HC Tenants

· Keep table header always visible

· Releasing lock entries in Fiori app corresponding to SM12

· Allow Customer logo in the Header of S/4HANA cloud

· S/4HC Personalization, GUI HTML Settings in Fiori App

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